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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – Sharp Fangs Location Guide

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – Sharp Fangs Location Guide

If you take on the request “Pala-marketing Support” one of the item you would require to find is the Sharp Fangs and 5 of them. The other item required to complete the request is the Monster Bone L. In this guide we will show you how to get the Sharp Fangs.

To get the Sharp Fangs, you have to take down one of the monsters that drop it such as the Wroggi, Gajau, Bullfango, and others. Here are the location of the monster.

How to Get Sharp Fangs in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

The Sharp Fangs are an important resource in the game and required for a range of tasks besides the “Pala-marketing Support” request such as upgrading weapons and crafting armor.

To get Sharp Fangs, you need to track down monsters that drop it. You can find the Wroggi on the Shrine Ruins map in Area 12. The Gajau can also be found in Shrine Ruins in Area 2 and 10. We have not yet found the Bullfango in the game, but if you do, let us known in the comments. As these monsters respawn, you can go kill one and then return to the other to farm the Sharp Fangs in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

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