Is One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition Worth It- Which Edition You Should Buy

 Is One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition Worth It- Which Edition You Should Buy

One Piece Odyssey is the upcoming installment in the One Piece Series and players have been already excited to play the game. After the massive success of One Piece World Seeker in 2019, players have been excited to get back the same members once again through One Piece Odyssey. However, like every other game, One Piece Odyssey has more than one game edition available, and players may question whether all these editions are worth buying or whether the Deluxe edition is the best. This guide will help you know if you should purchase the Deluxe Edition of One Piece Odyssey or which edition is best to purchase.

Should I Purchase One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition? Answered

One Piece Odyssey will be out within a few hours (approximately 20 hours), and players have been excited about the game. Monkey.D.Luffy is back with his Straw Head Crew on new adventures and thrilling enemy encounters. Though the entire story is new and has no link to One Piece World Seeker, the game still seems equally thrilling and adventurous. However, because the game is not free-to-play and you have to pay for the game, you should know the best edition you can purchase.

The game has three editions to purchase-

  • Standard Edition ($59.99)
  • Deluxe Edition ($84.99)
  • Limited Edition ($129.99)

So these are the editions of the game with their price. These are fixed prices for every platform. Now, if you want to know things you get with each edition, check the below lists-

Standard Edition

This is the most straightforward edition, where you can get only the base game and nothing additional.

Deluxe Edition

Should I Purchase One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition? Answered

This edition doesn’t cost more without any reason. This edition comes with-

  • Digital version of the game
  • 10000 Berries
  • 2 Petite Jewelry
  • Sniper King Travelling Outfit.

Limited Edition

This is the most expensive One Piece Odyssey edition, which is exclusively found in the Bandai Namco Online store. This edition comes with-

  • The base game
  • 23x21x21 Luffy and Lim Figurine

These are the editions available for the One Piece Odyssey. If you have already pre-ordered the game, there’s no option to change it, but if you haven’t yet ordered the game and looking for the best edition to purchase, we recommend not to go for the Limited Edition. This edition is expensive but not worth it unless you are a die-hard One Piece fan.

The Deluxe Edition also comes with accessories and in-game currencies. At the beginning of your journey, having 10000 Berries in your stock is not bad. So, if you are a One Piece series fan willing to get the Deluxe edition, we suggest you go for it. However, finally, if you only want to experience the game without any other extra thing added, the Standard Edition is worth it. It is more budget-friendly and will give you the complete opportunity to explore and experience the game with Monkey. D. Luffy and his crew.


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