Is Ark 2 Coming To PS5

At the time of writing this post, there is little known about the upcoming title Ark 2, except that it features Vin Diesel as a playable character named Santiago and that there are various challenges in the form of dinosaurs and powerful foes. The game is currently in development with Vin Diesel actively being a part of the game. Studio Wildcard releveled the trailer of the game without the actual gameplay and revealed the game would initially launch for PC and Xbox Series X|S. But, the question you are asking, is Ark 2 coming to PS5. Keep scrolling to find out.

Is Ark 2 Coming To PlayS5

Is Ark 2 Coming To PS5

At this time, we cannot confirm or deny if Ark 2 is coming to PS5, but even when it does, it would be quite later than its release on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It’s an Xbox exclusive title, so it’s likely that it’s several years before players on PS5 see it on their console.

Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft conformed that the initial release of the game would be on PC and Xbox Series X|S as a console exclusive.  

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