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How to use Harpy SMG in Hyper Scape

How to use Harpy SMG in Hyper Scape

The Harpy SMG is the first weapon to be introduced to Hyper Scape. A lethal weapon for short encounters, the Harpy is fully-automatic, fast-firing, and offers quick reload, a combination of features you would want during short range fights. The weapon was introduced with the Sunday update patch 0.3 of Open Beta. Everything about the new weapon is amazing, but it also comes with a disadvantage – the magazine size. Nevertheless, the quick reload makes up for the caveat. In this guide, we will show you how to use the Harpy SMG in Hyper Scape to dominate matches.

How to use Harpy SMG in Hyper Scape

Spray control is the highlight of the weapon, which increases its accuracy in short-range and even on the move. It’s the perfect weapon to target other contenders while you are moving avoiding opponent fire. The hit is spot-on and the accuracy is much higher than most weapons available currently in the game.

When aiming down, the weapon is even more accurate. As with all the hacks and weapons in Hyper Scape, if you find a duplicate of the Harpy, you can upgrade the weapon and at max level, the Harpy offers more damage and accuracy. Even with the low ammunition, the Harpy is sufficient to terminate quite a number of players before you need to reload. With the combination of Armor Hack, you can get just enough time to reload the weapon.

The right combination of the Harpy SMG and Hacks can make the player unbeatable in the game.

Should You Use Harpy SMG in Hyper Scape

So, the ultimate question, should you be using the gun in the game. Yes, Harpy is a tough weapon with high damage and better accuracy. This gun is especially great for players who are new to the game and have yet to accustom with the weapons. The Harpy is accurate and a great start for beginners. Advanced users can reap the rewards as well when combining it with the various abilities in the game. So, yes, you should definitely use Harpy if you find on in the game.

However, the weapon may not be best for one reason – the map of Hyper Scape is pretty large and that does not provide much opportunity for close encounters. In the current setup, a long-range weapon suits the best. having said that, if you like going into building and surprising opponents, the Harpy might be the best.

That’s all we have in this guide, I hope you know all about the new weapon in the game Harpy SMG.    

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