How to Unlock All Soulstone Survivors Characters

How to Unlock All Soulstone Survivors Characters

Soulstone Survivors is an upcoming Action RPG by Game Smithing Limited, scheduled to be released on 7th November 2022. Here, players need to fight the Lords of Void and their Minions, craft powerful weapons, unlock new characters, and learn new skills to survive till the end. If you have played RPGs before, you know that unlocking characters is essential in Role-Playing games, and Soulstone is no exception. This guide will help you know how you can unlock Soulstone Survivors Characters.

Soulstone Survivors Character Unlocking Guide- How to Get All?

Soulstone Survivors hasn’t yet been released, but players becomes already excited about this game. In RPGs unlocking characters are important as different characters come with different potential, and you need them to learn various skills and push your limits in the game. Fortunately, there are not a lot of characters to unlock in Soulstone Survivors. If you are looking for a guide to know how you can unlock all the characters in Soulstone Survivors, check the list below-

Character NameHow to Unlock?
The PyromancerThe Pyromancer requires you to defeat a lot of enemies, especially standard enemies and get 5000 Minor Soulstones.
The BarbarianThe Barbarian is the default character you get at the beginning of the game. You don’t need to unlock this character, but you can upgrade and unlock new weapons and powers for him.
The SpellbreakerThis character is pretty challenging to unlock. It requires you to kill 6 Second Bosses of zones and collect 6 Vile Soulstones. So, you have to kill more enemies to get this character.
The Hound MasterThe Hound Master requires 10000 Minor Soulstones to be unlocked. But once you unlock this character with its hound, you can easily take down the game’s most challenging enemies.
The SentinelThe Sentinel is one of the most challenging characters to unlock. It requires 6 Hateful Soulstones, which can only be acquired by defeating the 4th Boss of a zone. So. You can easily guess how many enemies you need to beat to get the Hateful Soulstones.
The Arcane WeaverThe Arcane Weaver is also tricky to unlock but easier than The Sentinel. To unlock this character, players need to get 6 Wicked Soulstones that can be acquired by defeating 3rd Boss of a zone.

These are the characters you can unlock in Soulstone Survivors. Until now, we have no information about any other character. Once the game releases and we find other characters to unlock, we will update the guide.

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