New World

How to Respec in New World

How to Respec in New World

New World is just a few hours from release and the progress as well as characters created during the beta will be wiped. So, you will have a fresh start with the game, but even with the practice during the betas, there is a chance you can make a mistake during character creation that you would want to rectify. Fortunately, the game features a respec system that allows you to do exactly that, but there are certain conditions or prices you need to pay. Keep reading and we will show you how to respec in New World.

New World – How to Respec Skills

To respec skills in New World, you need to head to the Attributes tab and choose the Respec option. It’s that simple, but there is a price you need to pay, literally. The game requires you to pay the in-game currency for the respec and the cost varies depending on the number of skills you have. So, if you have fewer skills, it won’t cost much to respec.

However, the respec option may not be as viable once you have progressed quite far into the game as it will cost huge amounts of money that you may not possess. As the game’s just launching, any of you looking to respec skills in New World should be able to do it at a fairly low cost.

You can also respec the skills you have currently in exchange for the azoth, but again, it’s will not be free and the same method works as the attributes. You will need to spend gold for the number of skills you want to respec.

So, while using the respec feature in New World is quite simple, you will need to decide on whether it would be worth the money spent or not.  

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