How to Make Glass in Minecraft

Learning to make any item in Minecraft has a greater purpose that allows you a lot of flexibility in the game. Making Glass allows you to do so much in the game. Once you have created the glass, you can make other things such as strained glasses of various colours, beacons, daylight sensors, glass pane, end crystal, and glass bottles.

Glass is also essential while building a Snowball Farm and Cactus Farm. Glass blocks are useful when building large projects such as building walls or windows; however, there is no limit to creativity and you can use it any way you want. Here are some Minecraft platforms that support the glass.

Supported Minecraft Platforms for Glass

Here are Minecraft platforms where you can create glass.

Java Edition (PC/Mac) Pocket Edition (PE)
Xbox 360 Xbox One
Wii U Nintendo Switch
Windows 10 Edition Education Edition

Before we start making the glass, it’s essential that you know about the materials you require to make glass. Unlike other items, to make glass in Minecraft you only require 1 Sand and fuel (coal).

How to Make Glass in Minecraft Survival Mode

Before you start making glass in Minecraft, ensure you have already made a furnace. If you have followed the below steps, if not click on the link to make a furnace.

  • Open Furnace Menu: Place the furnace in the Hotbar and select the position where you want to place it with the help of the Plus Sign pointer and the game control. To open the furnace, stand in front of it and press the game control such as right-click on the furnace for Java Edition (PC/Mac). Now, you should see the Furnace Menu as shown in the below image.
Furnace Menu
  • Add Fuel: Once the Furnace Menu is opened, it’s time to place the fuel. We are going to use coal, but you can also use charcoal. Place the coal or charcoal exactly as shown in the image below.
Fuel for Furnace Menu
  • Add Sand to Make Glass: Now, add the sand in the top box. As you add the sand, flames should appear cooking the sand. After the sand is cooked and the glass is made it will appear in the result box indicated by an arrow. You can check the progress of the making process by the progressing sign in the arrow.
Making Glass
  • Place the Glass in Inventory: Now that you have created the glass, move it to the inventory so you can use it in the game.
Glass Completed

Congratulations! Now that you have created the glass, you can make other things described above that use the glass.

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