How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

A smoker is important in Minecraft. It allows you to cook food twice the speed of a furnace. You can turn the raw food to cooked food. In this tutorial and the others that follow in the series, we will teach you to build a variety of things in Minecraft. So, follow the instructions to learn how to make a smoker in Minecraft in easy steps.

But, first things first, what do you require to make a smoker. Just about any type of wood and logs can be used to make the smoker.

Materials Required to Make a Smoker

To make the smoker you require 1 Furnace and 4 pieces of any type of wood (oak Logs, Spruce Logs, Birch Logs, Jungle Logs, Acacia Logs, Dar Oak Logs, Oak Wood with Bark, Spruce Wood with Bark, Jungle Wood with bark, Acacia Wood with bark, Dark Oak Wood with bark, Stripped Oak Logs, Stripped Birch Wood, Stripped Jungle Wood, Stripped Acacia Wood, and Stripped Dark Oak Wood).

How to Make a Smoker in Survival Mode

So, here goes the steps to make a smoker in survival mode.

  • Enter the Crafting Menu and open the Crafting Table with a 3×3 grid. Here is an image of it.
  • To make the Smoker you need to place the Furnace in the middle and surround it with the pieces of wood as shown in the image. As mentioned earlier, you can use any type of wood.
  • Once you have placed the Furnace and the wood, the resulting arrow should produce the Smoker.
  • After you have created the Smoker, move it to the inventory so you can use it in the game.

It’s as simple as that, you have created a smoker that you can use to turn raw food to cooked food at twice the speed of a Furnace.

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