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How to Get Surtling Core in Valheim

As you jump to play Valheim, there are certain things you need to get at the start of the game in order to progress faster. One of them is the Surtling Core. It’s required to craft the Charcoal Kiln and the Smelter, two very important items in the game for crafting better weapons and tools, melting ores and crafting iron and copper. You do not just want the Surtling Core, you would want them in quantity. It requires 5 core each to craft the Smelter and the Charcoal Kiln. So, it’s important that you know how to get Surtling Core in Valheim. Keep scrolling to know more.

How to Get Surtling Core in Valheim

There are various places you can get the Surtling Core. In random chests, in dungeons, and specific mobs that drop it. Here are the various ways to get the Surtling Core in Valheim.

  • Dungeons – Besides drop from mobs, the best way to find the Core is in dungeons. While smaller dungeons will have fewer of them, large dungeons can have as many as nine. Going through a few dungeons should reward you with the required quantity. Keep in mind, they don’t’ respawn once you have collected it from a specific dungeon.
  • Random Chests – The chance that you will find it in a random chest is very slim, still, if luck is one your side it’s a possibility to find the Surtling Core in random chests.
  • Surtling Mobs – The third and the last way to obtain them is from the Fire Mobs. When they dies, they will drop the Surtling Core.

Finally, there is another way to obtain the Surtling Core in Valheim. However, it isn’t really getting afresh as you are basically reusing the old ones. When you break the Smelter or the Charcoal Kiln, you will get 5 Surtling back for each building you break.

How to Make Surtling Farm for Free Coal and Surtling Cores

Before I tell you how, the credit for discovering the Surtling farm goes to Redditor.

To make the Surtling Farm, you have to find the clouds of smoke that spawn Surtling. Once you find such a location as shown in the pic, start digging around it with a Pickaxe or Hoe. Not sure about the Hoe though. Dig until water starts to appear. Now, when the Surtling spawn they will instantly have 5 damage and within a few seconds die dropping coal and Surtling Core in the water, which you can collect.

Valheim - Surtling Core Farm

The spawn rate of the Surtling is every few minutes and they drop 4-5 coal with a chance at the core too. With this farm set up, you can harvest unlimited amount of coal and Surtling, you never have to work for them anymore.

You can find them by the Swamp biome and an abandoned village colonized by Draugrs, not sure though if they will also spawn for you there. That’s all we have in this guide. Share to speared the word. Another thing, if you choose to visit the location once a day, three startling will spawn instantly and die. So, you can gather the loot.       

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