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How to Get Pets & Hats in Among Us – Unlock Pets, Skins, Hats Guide

How to Get Pets & Hats in Among Us – Unlock Pets, Skins, Hats Guide

Among Us is a great game and it’s available for iPhone, Android, and PC. Over the past week, the game has surged in popularity. Among Us takes betrayal to another level, the fun part of it. While the game revolves around an imposter in your crew murdering people and the crew voting to figure out the imposter, the game also allows you to dress up in a variety of skins, hats, and unlock pets. If you are wondering how to get pets or hats in Among Us, this guide is for you.

How to Unlock Pets, Hats, and Skin in Among Us

Most of the hats are free in the game with some costing real world money. All of the hats in the game are either priced $0.99 or $1.99. Besides the premium hats which you have to pay for, there are a large number of free hats in the game that you can get for free. However, there are no free pets. Each pet costs $2.99 across all platforms.

Something you should note is that the game does not support cross-save, so the pet you have purchased with stick to the device you are using. And the pets some in bungles. Each bundle has 2 pets, so two pets for $2.99 and not a bad deal after all.

You can access the store by clicking in the dollar icon from the main screen and make your purchases from there. After you have bought a pet, you can equip the pet from the in-game option. When you start a new game, the central room has a computer. Go to it and interact, that will bring up a customization menu and you can equip the pet you bought.

Here are all the pets and hats in Among Us with their cost.

All Pets in Among Us

Bedcrab (Purple and orange)$2.99
Bedcrab (Brown)$2.99
Brainslug (Green)$2.99
Brainslug (UFO)$2.99
Hamster (Blue)$2.99
Hamster (Brown, in ball)$2.99
Mini Crewmate (White)$2.99
Mini Crewmate (Wall-E)$2.99
Stickmin (Henry)$2.99
Stickmin (Ellie)$2.99

All Free Hats and Skins in Among Us

Here is a list of all the skins and hats.

Hats & SkinsCost
Party HatFree
Toilet PaperFree
Flat CapFree
Safari HatFree
Sheriff HatFree
Backwards Cap HatFree
Ski Goggles HatFree
Black Fedora HatFree
Banana HatFree
Beanie HatFree
Medical MaskFree
Bear Ears HatFree
Cheese HatFree
Apple HatFree
Green Fedora HatFree
Egg HatFree
Flamingo HatFree
Flower HatFree
Knight HelmetFree
Plant HatFree
Sun HatFree
2019 Yellow Party Hat (Holidays)Free
Cat Head Hat (Halloween)Free
Bat Ears Hat (Halloween)Free
Knife Hat (Halloween)Free
Mohawk (Halloween)Free
Devil Horns Hat (Halloween)Free
Hockey Mask (Halloween)Free
Pirate Hat (Halloween)Free
Plague Doctor Mask (Halloween)Free
Pumpkin Hat (Halloween)Free
Paper Bag Hat (Halloween)Free
Witch Hat (Halloween)Free
Wolf Ears Hat (Halloween)Free

All Paid Hats and Skins in Among Us

Here is a list of all hats and skins in Among Us you have to pay real-world money for.

Hats & SkinsCost
Brain Slug$0.99
Bush Hat$0.99
Double Top Hat$0.99
Flowerpot Hat$0.99
Paper Hat$0.99
Party Hat$0.99
Towel Wizard$0.99
Astronaut (Includes Hat)$1.99
Captain (Includes Hat)$1.99
Mechanic (Includes Hat)$1.99
Military (Includes Hat)$1.99
Police (Includes Hat)$1.99
Stethoscope (Includes Skin)$1.99
Suit (Incudes Hat)$1.99
Wall Cap (Includes Skin)$1.99
White Suit (Includes Hat)$1.99

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know how to unlock the Among Us pets, hats, and skins.

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