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As you progress through Monster Hunter Rise, you would eventually want to unlock high rank weapons and armor, specifically the S quality. For that purpose, you would require the High Quality Pelt. This item is not for players who are just starting out as the maps where they can be found are High Rank maps.

So, if you have progressed much further to the high rank in the game, there are certain places where you can get High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Kelbi and Anteka are two monsters that are known to drop the High Quality Pelt. Keep reading to know more about where to find them and how to get the resource.

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) High Quality Pelt Locations

The two maps in the game that inhabits the monsters that drop the High Quality Pelt are the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands. You can find the Kelbi in the Shrine Ruins in Area 11 and 13. A high rank Kelbi has a near 50% chance of the item drop, so it’s a very good drop rate. If the monster does not drop it in the first run, try again when it respawns, which it does in the same area.

In the Frost Islands map, you can find the Anteka monster that drops the High Quality Pelt. Go to Area 1 and 6 and look for the monster. The drop rate for the item from this monster is relatively low and is not the ideal way of farming the resource.

If you want to farm High Quality Pelt in MH Rise, we suggest that you try to track down the Kelbi and revisit the map to check if they have spawned again. Once a monster is down, carve its body to obtain the resource.

Once you have sufficient amount of the resource, the thing you can make from it are Arzuros S Set, Bone S Set, Droth S Set, Leather S Set, Volvidon S Set, Khezu S Set, Hunter S Set, Lagombi S Set, Izuchi S Set, Cyclecaster, and Grass Flute II.

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