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How to Get Gleamite in New World

How to Get Gleamite in New World

New World was released a few months back, and players had given good remarks about the gameplay and graphics of the game. As part of the Winter Convergence Festival, the developers recently added a new event: Gleamite Showers. These Gleamites leave Gleamite Crystals for the players.

This guide will discuss how to get Gleamite in New World.

Gleamite Locations in New World- How to Find?

Well, finding Gleamite is not an easy task. Gleamite Shower event is a random, dynamic event that takes place only at night. Also, there is no particular location where these Gleamite falls. Gleamite is made from a new resource called Gleamite Chunk.  These Gleamite Chunks look like multicolored crystals sticking to earth. These are the resources you find scattered around the area where the Gleamite Shower took place.

Before a Gleamite Shower begins, a rift opens in the sky, and the Gleamite meteors start showering. Head towards the place, collect more than 10 Gleamite Chunks, and head towards the nearest Winter Village. Find the Holiday Hut to exchange those Gleamite Chunks into Winter Token.

That’s how you can get Gleamite in New World. If you are also interested in participating in the Winter Convergence Featival Event and finding Gleamite, check out our guide to get help.

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