How to Get Bark in Muck

How to Get Bark in Muck

Rogue-like multiplayer survival game Muck, developed by a young YouTube Dani, is getting positive feedback around the world. This game is all about collecting resources, building a base, finding several items, and survive against enemies. Luckily, the developer has added numerous different kinds of woods and ores to collect and use for making weapons, armor, and other tools. One of the important items you will need in Muck is Bark. It can be used to make several early recipes such as Wood Pickaxe and Wood Axe. If you have already crafted Workbench, then it will be easier to get Bark. Let us find out in the following guide, how to get Bark in Muck.

How to Get Bark in Muck

As we have said, mining and collecting resources are one of the essential parts of the game Muck. The bark is one of the essential and starter recipes which you will have already under Basic even if you do not have Wood in your inventory.

In order to get Bark in Muck, all you need is 5 Wood pieces – That’s it! You only need to cut normal trees and once you’re able to add 5 Wood to your inventory, you only need to click on the Bark recipe to make it. And then draw it in the inventory to start more advanced recipes.

Make sure to make 10 Bark along with 10 Wood, if you want to craft both of the starter tools – Pickaxe and Wood Axe. These resources play an important role to collect resources quickly and easily.

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