How to Fix Lights Through Walls Glitch in MW2

 How to Fix Lights Through Walls Glitch in MW2

Even though Activision regularly releases hotfixes and makes everything to fix all bugs in their video games, sometimes, in-game bugs can not be fixed technically. And one of the worst glitches in MW2 is the lights through walls glitch. Read this guide to discover how to fix lights through walls glitch in MW2. 

What is MW2 Light Through Walls Glitch?

You should know that Light Through Walls is the glitch that travels between different shooters. You can face it in the first Modern Warfare and a few more CoD games. Moreover, the glitch gets progressively worse as you continue playing the game.

And there is no particular reason for this problem. Most people consider it is connected with graphic drivers, but the glitch also happens on PS and Xbox. So, this variant is not correct.

Unfortunately, most classic fixes do not work if you want to fix lights through walls glitch. Moreover, you can find information that this glitch can not be fixed. Do not worry; it is only a rumor. Below there are the best solutions for lights through walls glitch in MW2.

Turn Off On-Demand Texute Steaming

It is not a secret that most MW2 even do not know that such settings exist in the game. However, it is presented in the game and is one of the main reasons why light through walls glitch happen. To turn off on-demand texture streaming, open Settings – Graphics. The first option here is on-demand texture streaming. Feel free to turn it off and restart the game to play MW2 freely.

Clear Shaders Cache

Shaders cache is one more specific setting in MW2 without great publicity. And to make lights work properly again, you should Restart Shaders Optimization. First, you need to head to Settings – Graphics. Here you should scroll down until you see the option Restart Shaders Optimization. Start the process and track it using the window in the upper right part of the screen. Once the restarting is completed, restart the PC and play MW2 without any glitches.

That’s it with fixing light through walls glitch in MW2. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this bug on consoles. So, the only option is to wait until developers fix the glitch.

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