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How to Fix Halo Infinite Battle Pass Not Loading

How to Fix Halo Infinite Battle Pass Not Loading

Halo Infinite is one of the much-awaited games of 2021. Players had a lot of expectations from the game, but Halo Infinite made them upset. Since its release, it has been showing several errors and glitches. For example, previously, Halo Infinite used to ban players who left the game in the middle. Battle Pass is an essential feature of Halo Infinite, but recently, as the players complain, the Battle Pass is not loading.

Battle Pass helps the players to get some excellent rewards, weapons, and vehicles. The Seasonal rewards of the Battle Pass include exclusive Cosmetics items for reaching particular levels. Therefore, the Battle Pass not loading is frustrating for the Halo Infinite Players. Luckily, some solutions are available for the players to fix this issue. In this guide, we’ll suggest the probable solutions to this Battle Pass not loading problem, as we’ve found from various forums.

Fix the Battle Pass Not Loading in Halo Infinite

Battle Pass not only gives the players excellent rewards but leveling up the Battle Pass opens various customization options as well. But now, players are deprived of getting these features because of this error. This specific error prevents them from loading their rank and challenges in Battle Pass. We’re listing down some fixes for this error that may work for the players to solve their problems-

  1. Restart the game and the system.
  2. Make sure that your game is the latest version. Battle Pass sometimes doesn’t work properly in the old versions of the game.
  3. Delete the local Halo Infinite file or uninstall the game and re-install it.
  4. If you face the problem after purchasing the Premium Battle Pass, you have to apply 100 XP Grant Tokens to unlock the 25 levels.
  5. If none of the above methods work, contact the Support Team of Halo Infinite.

These are the mostly-suggested fixes by the players. These methods work for some of them, and they didn’t fix the others’ issues. If you are also facing the Battle  Pass not Loading issue and looking for the fixes, check out our guide to get help.

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