How to Fix Error Please Select Android SDK

How to Fix Error Please Select Android sdk

Android Studio is a development platform designed to facilitate the development of Android software to be run on the Google Android operating system. Users of Android Studio have been encountering a new error “Please select Android SDK”.  

If you came across the Error – “Please select Android SDK”; not able to run the app. Do not fuss! You can fix it easily. Follow the below steps.

This error occurs when the file contains an incorrect path. So, correcting the path can fix the problem, which take us to the first solution.

Fix 1: Correct the File Path

  • Go to Projects and navigate to file. This file has the path of your Android SDK file.
  • Try Sync Project, it will correct the path of the SDK file from your computer in file.
  • You can also do this manually by assigning the correct path for the Android SDK file from your computer.
Error Please Select Android SDK

Fix 2: Sync File from build.gradle for Android Studio 3.0.1

  • Go to Tools in the Android Studio. Navigate to Android, and click on Sync Project with Gradle Files
  • Navigate to build.gradle and click on Sync Now
  • Click on the Sync Gradle icon or you can edit the module gridle before syncing.
  • Go to File >> Settings >> Android SDK
  • Locate Android SDK Location Edit and click Android SDK
  • Launch the build.gradle file, press enter or add a space and Sync Project.
  • Once done, go to File and click on Invalidate Caches / Restart

That’s it, you are done. Now the error please select Android SDK should have disappeared.  

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