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How to Farm EXP in Pokémon Unite – Level Up Fast

How to Farm EXP in Pokémon Unite - Level Up Fast

Pokémon Unite is the newest game for the Nintendo Switch and has become one of the favorite multiplayer games. One of the main missions of this game is to earn experience points and level up. The more EXP points you will earn, the higher level you get and so stronger you will be. Also, you can evolve that depends on the Pokémon you select. Many players are still wondering how to farm EXP and level up fast in Pokémon Unite? So, let’s quickly learn how to level up fast in Pokémon Unite.

How to Farm EXP and Level Up Fast in Pokémon Unite

In the following, we are going to discuss several methods to level up fast in Pokémon Unite.

1. Beat down Wild Pokémon

Bring down Wild Pokémon is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn EXP in the game. You will encounter Wild Pokémon throughout the map. Also, you can easily find out small dots when you check properly on the mini-map.

2. Stay close to your team

When any of your team members will defeat any Wild Pokémon, you will also get a few amounts of EXP if you will stay close to your team.

3. Defeat opposite Pokémon

Every time when you defeat an opposing Pokémon, you will earn Exp as a reward in this game. And the number of EXP depends on which level you and your team have defeated the opposing Pokémon.

4. Keep playing

Gradually, when you progress in the game, you will earn EXP in the course of time even if you have not defeated any Pokémon or scoring any goals. So, you just keep playing to get more EXP. Even, if you have a lack of EXP for leveling up, just wait for a few seconds before you move forward to your important objectives such as teamfights and goals.

5. Scoring Points

This is also one of the best ways to level fast in Pokémon Unite. When you score points, you will also receive some EXP and that depends on how much you’ve scored.

That’s all – These are the best ways to level up fast in Pokémon Unite.

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