How to Extract 1 IFAK in Warzone 2 DMZ- IFAK Location

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COD is undoubtedly one of the most played first-person shooting series in the world. Its fanbase increases with every new game and update. If you have been playing COD Warzone 2, you are aware of the missions the game offers, and after the recent Season 2 update, players get new missions to find and extract newly added items. Extract 1 IFAK is among those missions. This guide will help players know how to complete this mission.

Guide to Complete Extract 1IFAK in Warzone 2 DMZ- How to Do?

Warzone 2 is one of the most popular COD games in the world, and since the game was released, players have never gotten bored of it, mainly because of its DMZ mode Faction missions. The latest update has introduced lots of new things and missions to the game, and IFaks are items that are purely introduced to serve the purpose of completing missions. They have no other use. They are neither harmful nor beneficial.

If you have been trying to complete ‘Extract 1 IFAK in DMZ mode, let me tell you this mission is pretty easy and can be done anywhere you prefer. There’s no specific location to find the IFaks; they can be found inside the Medical Boxes and Bandage Boxes. Their spawn rate is regular, and you don’t need to look for them for hours.

The mission requires you to extract the IFAK, so choosing locations near the exfil points is better. It will give you the advantage of extracting immediately once you get the item. The exfil locations have houses and other buildings nearby, so mark an exfil location, travel to that location, and search every house and building to find the IFAK. Generally, the Medicine Boxex and Bandage Boxes contain this item, but if you are in a hospital, check the beds too.

Once you get one, wait for the Helicopter to arrive. Try to hide safely until the Helicopter arrives, and once you get on the Helicopter, your mission will be completed. But if you die, before you extract it, you have to repeat the mission.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete Extract 1 IFAK in Warzone 2.

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