How To Evolve Kenpachi Into Kenpaki (Maniac) in Anime Adventures

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

By using their preferred anime characters in fantastic tower defence games, Roblox Anime Adventures enables users to live out their anime fantasies. Players will keep busy for hours collecting characters and completing tasks. One of the figures that players will be aiming for in the game is Kenpachi, also known as Kenpaki. To obtain Kenpachi in Anime Adventures, follow these steps.

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Kenpaki (based on Kenpachi from the series Bleach) is one of the many characters in Anime Adventures that players will want to acquire. Being a mythical figure, Kenpaki is both extremely uncommon and extremely deadly. Although the odds are against you, you could strike it fortunate.

Kenpaki is only available through calling and cannot be acquired through selling. He can be called regularly, but the likelihood is incredibly low. When he is a featured figure of the unique summon banner, attempt to call him instead. In this manner, if you do receive a mythical, which has a 0.5% chance of occurring, you will have a greater chance of drawing him. 

How To Evolve Kenpachi into Kenpaki (Maniac) in Anime Adventures

Kenpaki (Maniac) - Kenpachi | Anime Adventures Wiki | Fandom

Obtaining Kenpaki is one thing; evolving him is something else altogether. If you want to develop him into Kenpaki, you’ll need a variety of resources as well as Kenpaki (Maniac). His numbers will rise considerably, but the cost of doing so is high.

Combine these components: 

1 Kenpaki

5 Tiel Spirits.

5 Wes Spirits

5 Ging Spirits.

When you have everything, head over to the lobby’s dedicated evolution area. Choose Kenpaki as the unit you want to develop, then carry out the procedure. The goods will all be eaten, but you will still receive Kenpaki as payment (Maniac).

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