How to Craft in Minecraft

 How to Craft in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox and survival game where players need to fend for themselves in a blocky, infinite 3D world. Created by Mojang Studios, it is the best-selling video game of all time, with plenty of mods and user-generated content. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to craft in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Crafting Guide

Crafting is the most important thing you will need to learn in Minecraft. With the help of this mechanism, you can make just about everything else in the game as long as you have the recipe and the materials. 

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When you are in survival mode, you will need to fend for yourself and collect the materials that you need in order to begin crafting. Let’s see what they are, and how you can become an expert in crafting on your first day.

The first thing that you will need to do if you want to craft in Minecraft is to create the Crafting Table. This is a piece of equipment which you can make early in the game. Once you spawn into the map, you will need to make the table by collecting some wood planks. 

Pick a tree and start hitting a block with your hands to get some wood. You will be able to convert it into wood planks. You will need four of them to fill up the small crafting grid on your inventory. This will create a Crafting Table which you can place into your world.

Here is how you can make a wooden axe to chop trees quickly.

To craft something, you will need to place items in a specific pattern in the crafting grid. While the small grid in your inventory was 2×2, this one is 3×3. You will be able to craft many items as long as you know the recipe, and follow it correctly.

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