How to Cook Food in Grounded (Craft Roasting Spit Guide)

How to Cook Food in Grounded (Craft Roasting Spit Guide)

Shrunk to the size of an ant and constantly trying to survive the deadly world filled with backyard insects and hurdles, food is something that keeps you going. It’s an important resource and you will constantly need it to keep your energy high. You can see the level of hunger by the chicken leg icon and the circle around it. If the circle fills up, the hungrier you will get. So, you require food at frequent intervals to survive in Grounded. You can either cook the food or eat raw mushrooms for energy boost. In order to make food in Grounded you need a Roasting Spit. Stick around and we will show you how to cook food in Grounded using the Roasting Slit.

How to Cook Food in Grounded Using Roasting Pit

In order to cook food, you first have to craft the Roasting Pit, which requires resources, namely 3 Dry Grass Chunks, 4 Pebblets, and 4 Sprigs. Among the three resources, the Dry Grass Chunks are the hardest to find.

The sprig is a plant that’s single steamed, medium sized, and has small leaves on the top. You can find them on the ground as you explore the vastness of the game. Pebblets are pebbles that you can find throughout the game lying on the ground. You can easily find both resources lying on the ground anywhere in the map.

The Dry Grass; however, requires some effort. To start off, you require an Axe, which can be crafted by analyzing Pebblets at the Analyzing Station and once you have the recipe you can make the Axe at the Crafting menu with resources such as 3 Sprig, 1 Woven Fiber, and 2 Pebblets. Once you have the Axe, use it to cut some grass and move to the goal i.e. crafting the Roasting Pit.

To craft the Roasting Pit, open the menu and from the blueprint section you can select to make the Roasting Pit.

Once you have the Roasting Pit, you can cook various types of food and keep your energy high. You can use a Drying Rack to store food for later without getting spoilt.

While you are playing the game, it’s essential that you always be aware of the basic resources and food. If you find them, stock them up for later use.