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How Good is Venti in Genshin Impact Version 3.1

How Good is Venti in Genshin Impact Version 3.1

Venti is having his rerun In Version 3.1 of Genshin Impact as part of the Archon Marathon. Most veteran players already have him but newer players are hesitant whether he’s still worth it compared to Kazuha and in short, to save you the trouble, we say yes. Keep reading and we’ll elaborate on why.

Venti’s Worth in Sumeru Version 3.1

Venti remains the strongest Anemo unit when it comes to crowd control. His E skill and burst have a wide AoE and they just about trip most enemies including most elites. The only ones immune to his CC are those that count as bosses. 

His E skill has a high scaling and his elemental burst also does tons of DoT. Venti can be built both as support or DPS but he mostly shines in the support role. You can even build Venti for Swirls and reactions with an EM-focused build. Venti is a versatile unit in that regard while Kazuha is mainly built for support.

In Version 3.0 Sumeru, Venti’s skill and burst can suck up the Fungi and Eremite mobs which is very useful- especially for newer or casual players who don’t study enemy attack patterns and just want a chill gaming experience.

Even though Dendro doesn’t react with Anemo, Venti’s burst can be useful in Bloom comps since it can suck up the Dendro cores without reacting with them. Once you infuse Hydro, Pyro or Electro into his burst, you can automatically trigger tons of Bloom, Hyperbloom and even Burgeon while his burst is active.

For players who have Venti though, we don’t recommend pulling for his constellations. Venti’s constellations mainly seek to improve his personal damage which isn’t really all that useful when he’s best used as a support and sub-dps. 

If you don’t have Venti then he remains a solid option- not just as a complete and powerful unit but also for exploration. His skill creates an upwards air current which is very useful for climbing, gliding and getting to tricky places. You can even use plunge attacks with it using your other characters in case you lost on your Xiao pulls.

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