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Hitman 3 “How the Turntables” Challenge Guide – How to Kill Montgomery & Banner

Hitman 3 “How the Turntables” Challenge Guide - How to Kill Montgomery & Banner

Hitman has its USP in the way you can execute the killings, sometimes directly with a headshot and sometimes by awakening the creative you. One of the missions in Hitman 3 – “How the Turntables” offers you an opportunity to do exactly that – Be creative and kill Agent Montgomery and Banner during the climax of the light show. Read on for the complete “How the Turntables” Challenge Guide.

With Hitman 3 you can do all of the things like the previous version (including playing the complete trilogy and carrying over your progress from Hitman 2) and now in a more cinematic experience.

Hitman 3 “How the Turntables” Challenge Guide | How to Kill Montgomery & Banner

The guide will help you kill two out of the five agents needed for the mission.

  • The challenge will start with you having to go inside the nightclub. Then head towards floor 0.
  • You can spawn at the Projection Bar. Next, go behind the bar and use a lock pick to open the door and go to the light fixture catwalk. Note – you should disguise yourself as a maintenance staff by knocking over one of the workers. You can call one by interacting with the fuse box.
  • You will also then find a worker guarding the control panel, neutralize him too and you will get a screwdriver.
  • Now, use the screwdriver to short-circuit the lighting tress
  • For Montgomery, you can follow him and then isolate his guard and hide the guard to avoid killing an innocent (getting rid of Montgomery’s bodyguard will help you earn the Silent Assassin Title as well).
  • Go to the dance floor and move on the side of the walkway.
  • Behind the DJ booth, there is a backroom. Go there and interact with the rack case to draw away the DJ. You can now put the DJ out of action, take his outfit and hide him.
  • You will now be given the option to – leave, hype the crowd, and trigger the light show climax.
  • When you see both the agents Montgomery and Banner on the walkway, begin to hype the crowd.
  • Now, trigger the light show when you see both the agents are on the catwalk. The triggering will cause electrocution and both agents will be killed which will be cited as accidental deaths.

Hitman 3 is finally here. And it has been garnering some rave reviews so far. The cinematic experience as well as the ability to craft your own way of storytelling makes it a perfect ending to the long-running trilogy. The game is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Windows PC, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

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