Grounded: Where to find Sunken Bone?

Grounded Where to find Sunken Bone

Survival games can’t be imagined without enemies. Another thing that is an integral part of survival games is the resources. While exploring a vast unknown world, players discover different resources from different locations, and all these resources have some use in the game. Most of them are required to craft either weapons or equipment to fight with enemies. Grounded has not broken the tradition. In this game, you’ll find lots of resources to craft various items.

This guide will help you know where to find Sunken Bone in Grounded.

Sunken Bone Location In Grounded- Where to Find?

The gameplay of Grounded takes place in a backyard of a house where players become as little as an ant. So naturally, the insects and worms that are bigger than them are all enemies. Therefore, they have to gather resources to craft weapons and armor so they can survive till the end.

In the world of Grounded, there are a lot of locations to explore, and almost every location has something to offer. To find the Sunken Bone, players need to go to the Koi Pond and jump into it. Dive deeper and deeper into the Koi Pond. As you go deeper, you’ll find a black pipe. Follow the black pipe and swim deeper into the water.

 As you swim, you’ll find a T-Rex Statue on the right side. Move forward, and you’ll find the Sunken Bones. The Bones are located close to each other. Use your Shovel to dig them up from the ground.

Sunken Bones are one of the rarest resources to find in Grounded. These resources can be used to craft a Bubble Helmet. It increases the time you can be in the water. Initially, you can be underwater for 80 Seconds, but using Bubble Helmet will double the time to 160 seconds. This helmet is an essential item for exploring any underwater area. It requires five Sunken Bones. Also, Sunken Bones can be used to craft Tier 2 Koi Scale Armor.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Sunken Bone in Grounded. While underwater, make sure to check your oxygen level and have the light in hand; otherwise, you can’t see under the water.

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