Genshin Impact Version 3.6 Baizhu: Initial Kit Leaks

Amay De
Amay De

Baizhu is a doctor from Liyue with dwindling health but great mastery over medicine and the healing arts. He was the first character players knew with a Dendro vision before Sumeru was released. His release has been anticipated since because Dendro, for the longest time, was the missing and thus the most intriguing element. 

The following leaks about his kit are highly STC but they give us an idea as to what kind of a unit Baizhu might be and what his role could be in the Dendro meta.

Baizhu’s Initial Kit Leaks

Baizhu has long been predicted to be a Dendro healer due to his role as a pharmacist in Liyue. His knowledge of medicinal herbs and healing, in general, is highly coveted among the people of Liyue too so it only makes sense. We know that the snake he carries with him has something to do with his weak constitution and he sees the snake as a dear companion too.

Early Sumeru leaks also corroborate the same and since the release of Yaoyao, theorycrafters have speculated that Baizhu could be like a 5-star Yaoyao with more consistent and off-field Dendro application. Recent leaks in Version 3.4 from several sources have 4 overall claims about Baizhu’s kit:

  1. Baizhu’s interruption resistance may manifest in the form of a shield
  2. At the moment there are two proposals for Baizhu: either Dendro Yae or Dendro Layla
  3. Don’t hold high expectations for Baizhu’s Dendro application at C0
  4. In terms of optimisation, Alhaitham’s pure Spread team may not have a slot for Nahida in the future.

Surprisingly, there has only been less and less of a buzz about Baizhu being a healer anymore and even more recent leaks claim that he isn’t. Earlier leaks in this patch at least said Baizhu’s constellations will give healing but now even that seems false. 

More and more leaks claim that a major part of his kit is interruption resistance which, logically, means that he will either need to be on-field or give his interruption resistance to his teammates. He’s also said to be a shielder with his elemental burst summoning a snake- similar to the one he always carries. 

Just as Yaoyao was immensely valuable as a Dendro healer, even if Baizhu ends up being a Dendro shielder, he too will be just as valuable if not more. His release is still months away so it’s very hard to tell and everything is highly STC so you should take these claims with a grain of salt.

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