Genshin Impact Version 3.4 Special Program: All There is to Know About the Special Program Livestream

 Genshin Impact Version 3.4 Special Program: All There is to Know About the Special Program Livestream

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 is finally coming around after Genshin’s usual run of 6 weeks per patch. In Version 3.4 we’re again getting the long-awaited Lantern Rite Festival which has become an annual event all players look forward to at this point. This patch may not be as packed or hyped as the versions before it but it is nonetheless a nostalgic update which many veteran players will look forward to. Watch the Version 3.4 trailer below:

Version 3.4: The Exquisite Night Chimes- Version 3.4 “The Exquisite Night Chimes” Trailer | Genshin Impact 

You can also watch the Special Program Livestream here:

Here, in this article, we have listed everything announced in the Special Program Livestream for this patch- including the REDEMPTION CODES which you should claim as soon as possible. Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible, as they’re going to expire roughly 12 hours from now.

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 Redemption Codes

The redemption codes for this livestream are as follows:

For those who cannot log into their games and claim them manually, we also have convenient website links that will allow you to claim them directly from the Hoyoverse website. You’ll receive your rewards in your in-game mailbox- which includes a total of 300 Primogems and other goodies.

Version 3.4 Character Banners & Weapons

For this upcoming update, we’re finally getting the release of the genius Alhaitham- The Feeble Scholar who’s been our companion since the beginning of Sumeru and has played a crucial role in saving the Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali. Alhaitham has been one of the most intelligent characters we’ve come to encounter in our journey- rivalling the likes of Ayato, Yae and even Zhongli in terms of intellect. Even though he’s rumoured to be a powerful Dendro DPS, his playstyle is revealed to be rather similar to Keqing- involving teleportation and similar burst animations.

Alongside Alhaitham, we’re also getting Xiao’s rerun banner- likely because of Faruzan and the new Anemo artifact set’s release in Version 3.3. Both of these banners will also feature the new 4-star Yaoyao who’s supposed to be a polearm-wielding Dendro healer and a Burgeon support. She uses the loli character model and is supposed to be Xiangling’s junior. Despite her looks, she’s very matured for her age and is even liked by the Adepti due to her wise and cheery personality. She also uses a bunny-like pet for her E skill and burst. 

For the second half of Version 3.4, we’re getting the long-awaited rerun of Hu Tao and the first rerun of Yelan since her release in Version 2.7. Both of these characters dominate the meta so players better have saved their primogems for these characters.

As for new weapons, we only have one in this patch. Alhaitham’s new weapon is called Light of Foliar Incision and it’s leaked to be a strong DPS sword compatible with multiple characters due to its insanely high CRIT DMG secondary stat. Its passive however benefits characters like Alhaitham who have EM-scaling built into their kit.

Version 3.4 Events

The events for Version 3.4 are briefly listed as follows:

  • Lantern Rite Music Festival or “The Exquisite Night Chimes”: The primary event of the upcoming update and it’s also expected to have multiple minigames of all kinds.
  • Warrior’s Spirit: A combat event.
  • Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl: A event clearly organised by the one and oni Arataki Itto. It’s expected to be similar to the Fungus Frenzy event where players get to catch and train their own monster or in this case insect companions for a battle.
  • Second Blooming: Another combat event- but this one’s based in Sumeru and players will get to use trial characters for these battles.
  • Overflowing Mastery: A Ley-Line Overflow event so players can get double rewards from farming ley-line challenges.

Version 3.4 also brings us two new character skins- one of Lisa and another of Ayaka. Lisa’s skin is expected to be an event reward and free for the duration of the event- after which players will have to pay a price for it. Ayaka’s skin isn’t confirmed to be a 5-star skin so players can expect a 4-star pay-locked skin for the Kamisato sister. 

In Version 3.4, players are also getting a small map update to the desert region of Sumeru where a new world boss will be introduced. This boss, which looks like a Dendro worm, will drop materials for Alhaitham’s ascension.

Additionally, players will also be able to invite a 4-star character from Liyue into their party for free during the duration of the main event of 3.4. This pool of characters also includes the new 4-star Yaoyao so all players have a guaranteed chance of getting her if they so wish to.  With that, we wish all Travelers a Happy Lantern Rite and a Happy New Year.

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