Genshin Impact Version 3.4 Second Blooming Day 5 Guide

Amay De
Amay De

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 has finally unlocked the last challenge of the Second Blooming special event and after completing it players can finally unlock and obtain Lisa’s Sumeru skin. We’ve already covered the challenges of Day 1, 2, 3 and 4. While Day 5’s challenge is not particularly difficult, there are ways to maximise your score on it and we’ll tell you how.

Second Blooming Day 5

The enemies in this set of challenges are pretty daunting. You’ve got the latest Eremite ladies, Mirror Maidens, Fatui Cryogunners and even Ruin Elites. What makes this challenge still relatively easy is the Ley Line Disorder which connects enemies together and once you damage one of them with your Normal Attack, Charge Attack, Plunge Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst, that enemy will release a shockwave and deal True DMG to the rest of the enemies on the field.

The game suggests you use Melt and Vaporise teams with a focus on NA DPS users like Yoimiya or Ayato with Bennett and Candace as support. But if you have a unit like Nahida whose E skill has the same function of connecting enemies and dealing Dendro DMG to all connected enemies, then you may be better off building Dendro teams. Of course, as usual, unless you’re good at dodging, a shielder always helps to prevent interruption and damage.

Round 1

For the first round, you’ll only get Ruin enemies so we went with an Aggravate team with The Dendro Traveler, Fischl and Yae. The reason we went with the Dendro Traveler and not Nahida is that unlike the other teams where the enemies are spread out and have a ton of ranged abilities, in this round, the Ruin enemies will automatically gather around you. And since they all have giant hitboxes and are low in numbers too, you won’t need Nahida to get the job done.

For the Skills, we went with the ATK% buff and the CRIT DMG% buff since EM is not the priority in Aggravate teams.

Round 2

In this round, you’ll get Eremites and a few more Ruin enemies. This is where Nahida’s ability to further connect the enemies even after the Ley Line effect comes in handy. We went with a Hyperbloom team with Ayato being the main DPS while Yae serves as the Hyperbloom trigger.

Here the skills focus on increasing Ayato’s individual damage with a NA buff and increasing the damage of Yae’s Hyperblooms with an EM buff.

Round 3

In this round, you’ll get a ton of elite Eremites and elite Fatui enemies. Their attacks can be difficult to deal with as they will cause powerful reactions or even Freeze unless you have a reliable shielder and a healer. That’s why Diona’s the healer and the shielder here. Since she’s Cryo, she can also Freeze enemies within Ayato’s burst. Keqing is only present as a burst DPS and triggers a few Hyperblooms.

Since the main carry of this team is Ayato, the skills are focused on maximising his damage with a Hydro DMG buff and another NA buff.

Rounds 2 and 3 are comparatively difficult since the enemies don’t easily gather around you so Nahida helps in dealing them further damage as they are also connected by her E skill. You can also use someone like Raiden who deals coordinated damage when you hit and damage an enemy with any of your abilities. If you have ER issues with any of your teams, Raiden can also help with that.

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