Fix Xbox Series X|S Error 0x800708ca | Unable to Play Upgraded Games

Getting your hands on a new tech and indulging in the experience is awesome, but new technology are not well tested in the real-world. It makes the device prone to errors and bugs that might not have a solution. Fortunately, the Xbox Series X|S error 0x800708ca has an easy solution.

Besides a few games, players have not had many titles to test the new console. However, with the new Microsoft consoles, you can upgrade your old Xbox One games and play it on the new console. Sadly, that’s when users run into the aforementioned error. The error message states, “Something went wrong. 0x800708ca.” If you find yourself in a similar situation, keep reading as we can help you fix the issue.

Fix Xbox Series X|S Error 0x800708ca | Unable to Play Upgraded Games

Transitioning from an old to a new device is never an easy task and the process is susceptible to fault. After purchasing the new console, it’s natural to want to transfer everything from the old console to new. Besides that, you have to update the firmware and do a lot of other things. Even when you know you have done everything right and still run into the Xbox Series X|S Error 0x800708ca, where you are unable to play an upgraded game can be a stressful situation. But, there are quick solutions to the problem.

When you encounter the error, the first thing you should do is reset the device. It has been reported by a lot of users on Reddit that resetting the device fixes the error code entirely and you can play the upgraded game.

In order to reset the Xbox Series X|S to fix Error 0x800708ca, follow the path Settings > System > Console info > Reset console > Reset and Keep My Games & Apps.

If that fails to resolve the issue, uninstalling and reinstalling the game that’s causing the issue will most definitely resolve the error.

If it’s any assurance, Microsoft is aware of the issue and has listed it as one of the known issues on Xbox Series X|S. You can expect the Xbox Series X|S Error 0x800708ca to be fixed sooner than later. However, there is no timeline on exactly when the audio bug will be fixed on the next-gen Xbox consoles.       

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