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Fix Warzone 2 GPU Driver Version Error

Fix Warzone 2 GPU Driver Version Error

Unfortunately, sometimes bugs in video games happen even before you try to play them. And the newer the game is, the more bugs you will face while playing the game. This guide will teach you how to fix Warzone 2 GPU Driver version errors. Even though this problem might seem easy to solve, there are some nuances you should know. So, let’s get started!

MW2 and Warzone 2 GPU Driver Version Error

Before finding the solution, it would be best to find out the reason for the problem. You should know that the GPU Driver Version error is always connected to your video card. As Warzone 2 is a new video game, it has minimal requirements for the GPU. Check out the list below to find out about them.

  • Nvidia: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960
  • AMD: AMD Radeon™ RX 470
  • Intel: No Requirements

So, if you have video cards older than those in the top list, it is impossible to fix GPU Driver Version Error. You need to buy a new video card to play the game. But if you have a newer video card and the problem still arises, continue reading the guide. Here you will find out the solution.

Fix Warzone 2 GPU Driver Version Error on Nvidia

First, you should open the official Nvidia website. After that, you should fill the gaps with your video card, operating system, and other required information. Then you need to click Search and Download the latest version. Complete the installation process, reboot your PC, and enjoy CoD Warzone 2.

Fix Warzone 2 GPU Driver Version Error on AMD

Fortunately, the solution for AMD video cards is approximately the same. First, open the AMD website. Here you need to select your video card in the products from the list. Click Submit, choose the appropriate Software version, and Download the driver. Install it and reboot your PC to solve the problem.

Fix Warzone 2 GPU Driver Version Error on Intel

Open the website. You will see various drivers, but you should select ordinary Intel Graphics. Click on download, and feel free to install the driver. Also, remember to restart your PC to apply changes.

In conclusion, the GPU Driver Version problem is caused by the video card’s outdated version. And you can quickly fix it in a few minutes following our guide. That is how it is.

Meta Description: Issues with the video card cause GPU Driver Version Error. Also, some video cards are unsuitable for Warzone 2.

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