Fix Valorant Riot Vanguard Encountered an Error Message

 Fix Valorant Riot Vanguard Encountered an Error Message

Valorant is a very popular 5v5 character based tactical shooter game. This game offers a wide catalog of heroes. The game was released in June 2020 and since then, it has earned a massive number of fans. But unfortunately, Valorant gamers have been experiencing multiple issues with the game. Lately, many players encounter a “Riot Vanguard encountered” error message when attempting to launch Valorant. If you are also facing the same error, let’s find out in this guide what is the reason behind it and how you can fix it with some simple and quick workarounds.

How to Fix Valorant Riot Vanguard Encountered an Error Message

One of the main reasons behind the “Riot Vanguard encountered” error message in Valorant is that the game is unable to initialize the anti-cheat or if you have not enabled Trusted Platform Module (TPM). In this guide, we have covered all possible solutions to fix Valorant Riot Vanguard encountered with an error message.

Restarting VGC Process

The very first solution to fix the “Riot Vanguard encountered” error message is to restart the VGC process. If the VGC process is not running properly or if it is disabled, try restarting the VGC process.

– First of all, close down all Riot Processes

– Go to the Windows Start menu, search for Services, and type VGC

– Right-click on VGC and then select Properties

– Go to the General section and make sure to change the Startup Type to Automatic   

– Under “Service Status” and then click on “Start”

– Lastly, click on Ok and try running Valorant

Restarting Riot Processes

The next solution we recommend is simply restarting Riot processes to fix this error message. For this:

– Go to your Windows Taskbar and click on the System Tray

– Right-click on the Vanguard icon

– Select Exit Vanguard and then click on Ok

– Open up the Task Manager  

– Search for any running Vanguard or Riot processes and close them

– Once done, reboot your PC and run the game

Changing Valorant Application Properties

Some players have resolved the “Riot Vanguard encountered” error by changing Valorant application properties. To do this:

– First of all, go to the location where the Valorant is installed

– Search for the Riot Games on your Drive or in the Program Files

– Next, go to Valorant >> live >> Shooter Game >> Binaries >> Win64

– Scroll down till you find “VALORANT-Win64-Shipping” and right-click on it

– Then select Properties and click on the “Compatibility” tab

– Under this tab, check both of these boxes: Disable fullscreen optimizations & Run this program as an administrator

– Lastly, click on Ok and check if the error is fixed

Enable TPM 2.0

It is also advisable to look for the BIOS settings menu and enable TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot. To do that:

– Reboot your PC

– Then keep pressing the necessary key to get into the setup mode. Buttons to enter into the BIOS settings vary from model to model.

– HP: F10 or ESC

– Dell: F12 or F2

– Samsung: F2

– Acer: Delete or F2

– Lenovo: F1 or F2

– Toshiba: F2

– Surface: Press and hold down the volume up button

– MSI: Delete

– Asus: Delete or F2

When you’re in the BIOS menu, go to the TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot settings and enable both of them.

Reinstalling Riot Vanguard

If none of the aforementioned methods help to resolve the “Riot Vanguard encountered” error in Valorant, then your last resort is to uninstall the game completely and then reinstall it. For this:

– Go to “Add or Remove Programs” on your Windows

– Search for Riot Vanguard and click on it

– Next, click on Uninstall

– Launch Valorant and Vanguard will start installing itself

That’s it for this guide on how to fix Valorant ‘Riot Vanguard encountered” an error message. 

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