Fix Star Wars Battlefront 2 Random Freeze and Crash on PC

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an amazing game, but a generation of new players did not know that until the game went free on the Epic Games Store. The game saw a resurrection of shorts after being listed in the Epic Store. But, that’s put forth a range of problem that older players have gotten past. While most of the server issues are resolved, some players are still struggling with in-game crash. If you are unable to play the game to the fullest due to Star Wars Battlefront 2 random freeze or crash on PC, you can find the solutions for your problem in this guide.

Fix Star Wars Battlefront 2 Random Freeze and Crash on PC

From what we know so far the Star Wars Battlefront 2 random freeze and crash on PC occurs on both the multiplayer and the single player modes of the game. Initially, the game runs fine, but after a prolonged session or even a half-hour into the game, the problems start to occur. Usual troubleshooting steps does not resolve the issue. Don’t worry through, we’ve got you covered. Here are some simple solutions you can try to resolve the freeze and crash problem in Star Wars Battlefront 2.  

Change the Game’s Boost Options

In order to make the changes, go to C:\users\your computer’s name\Documents. Locate and open STAR WARS Battlefront II. Now, open the Settings folder and open the BootOptions file using Notepad. Change “GstRender.EnableDx12 1” to “GstRender.EnableDx12 0”. This option will disable the DirectX 12. Besides that, the other changes you need to make are:

GstRender.FullscreenEnabled 0

GstRender.FullscreenRefreshRate 60.000000

GstRender.FullscreenScreen 0

GstRender.ResolutionHeight 1080

GstRender.ResolutionWidth 1920

GstRender.WindowBordersEnable 1

GstRender.maxvariablefps 60

Save the file. Now, launch the game and go to the Graphics Settings and disable DX12. You should now be able to play without any problems.

Change the Game Profile

Go to the same location as above C:\Users\Username\Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront II\settings and open the ProfileOptions_profile file using Notepad. Once the file is open, type the below entry:

GstRender.maxvariablefps 60

at the bottom of the file and save the file. Check if the random crash and freeze problem with the game is resolved.

Set the Max FPS for the Game

A fluctuating FPS can cause a range of performance problem with Star Wars Battlefront 2. You have several options to limit the FPS. If you use NVidia or AMD, you can limit the FPS at 60 using the respective software control panel. You can also create a configuration file yourself and paste it in the game folder. Here is how to create a configuration file to limit the game’s FPS at 60 and hopefully fix Star Wars Battlefront 2 random freeze and crash on PC.

  1. Open a Notepad file and type the entry gametime.maxvariablefps 60
  2. Pres Ctrl + Shift + S to save the file. In File name, type user.cfg and Save as type, select All Files
  3. Close the file and paste it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Star Wars Battlefront II

Try to run the game and the crashing and freezing should not occur.

The above solutions are very effective in resolving Star Wars Battlefront 2 Random Freeze and Crash on PC, given your system meets the minimum specifications to play the game. Even if the system is below specifications, the above steps will improve the performance.

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