Fix Rust Twitch Drop Not Working

Released in 2014, Rust has recently shot to popularity with certain streamers choosing to stream the game, much like the story of Among Us last year. Like most popular games, to engage the player base, Rust offers a variety of Twitch drops, but players are reporting the Rust Twitch Drop not working. While there is a possibility that something might be wrong at the Twitch or Rust end, it’s highly likely that you have not followed the process or missed something that’s causing the drop to now show. Stick with us and we will show you how to claim Rust Twitch drops and root out any possible issues.

How to Fix Rust Twitch Drop Not Working

At the time of writing, the drop for watching stream expires on Jan 14, but that does not mean it won’t come back again. So, if you are trying to claim the drop post 14th, the reason you are not getting it is because the drop is not available anymore.

In order to get the Rust drop, you need to watch steams on Channels that have the ‘Drop Enabled’ tag.

If you are eager on getting the drop, open Twitch and log-in, now use the ‘Connections’ tab to connect your Twitch account with Steam. That’s it, now you can watch streams with the Drop Enabled tag and earn the drops available in Rust.

Rust Twitch Drops Claimed But Missing From Steam Inventory

It seems to be an issue for a lot of players where the Rust Twitch drop was claimed but it did not show up in the Steam Inventory. While there is a possibility that the Steam or Twitch is facing issues transferring the drop, the problem might just be on your end. Before trying anything else, reboot Steam and re-login to the Twitch website. If that does not help, visit Downdetector and check if other people are also facing the same problem. If a large number of people have the same issue, it could be a problem with Twitch.

Additionally, you can also check the comments in the Steam to identify if other people have similar issues. Check to see if you have a trade offer, the drop don’t magically appear in the inventory, you have to accept the trade offer. If you have not accepted the trade offer, it could be pending and that’s the reason the Rust Twitch Drops are claimed but missing from Steam Inventory. Go to the Trade History and check if it’s there.

Hopefully, one of the above solutions have resolved your issue.    

Rust Twitch “Error occurred – Drop was not claimed”

While there can be other reasons why you may be seeing the Twitch “Error occurred – Drop was not claimed” message, at the time of writing it’s caused due to a visual bug where the Rust website says you need to watch the video for 4 hours to claim the drop, but on Twitch it says 2 hours. However, users who watched for 2 hours had 161% completed. You need to watch it for 4 hours and the drop will be claimed.

If you are still facing issues with the Rust Twitch Drop not working, attempt to unlink the accounts and relink them. Visit FacePunch website, scroll down to the account link section and ensure you have linked the accounts correctly.

If you are having difficulty claiming the drop on PC, than, attempt to claim them on mobile device. It should work. A lot of players who could not claim the Twitch drop got it from using the mobile.

That’s all we have in this guide, we will update the post when we have more info. If you have a better solution, share it with us in the comments.

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