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Fix Rogue Company Queued For Login Message

Fix Rogue Company Queued For Login Message

Rogue Company has by far been the most bug free game when we compare recent releases such as Valorant and Hyper Scape. However, server problems with the game have existed since the day of launch with regular maintenance and planned down time. The Rogue Company servers are experiencing extreme strains. Plyers who jumped into the game after the recent maintenance down time are reporting Rogue Company Queued For Login Message.

What is the Queued for login? This message when you try to jump into the game basically means that the matchmaking system has put you in a queue to log-in. Let’s see what you can do about the problem.

Fix Rogue Company Queued For Login Message

As this is not an error with your system or the Rogue Company servers, there is nothing you can do about it. The developers will improve the performance of the servers and as more players jump into the game making matchmaking easy, you can gradually see the issue to improve. You would notice that sometimes the wait is longer than other times, it’s mainly due to the number of players jumping into the game.

Rogue Company Queued For Login Message

We are making a guess here, but the problem can arise when there are too many players jumping into the game or too few. If the matchmaking system fails to find the appropriate number of players, the wait can be long and you will continue to see the Rogue Company Queued For Login Message. On the other hand, if large number of players are logging-in at the same time, the server can become overburdened and some users will be kept on queue.

To fix the queue problem, all you can do is log-in at a time when the servers are busy or not busy. Determine a time when you are able to log-in without a long wait time and continue to play the game at that time. Besides this, there isn’t much you can do to help the situation.

This specific message started occurring after the patch 1.25 and the patch note acknowledges it. The message informs players that they are in a queue and they should wait a little while.

That’s all! We hope you know everything there is to know about the Rogue Company Queued For Login Message.

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