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Fix New World Error ‘Refreshed credentials already expired’

Fix New World Error 'Refreshed credentials already expired'

Finally, the Closed Beta version of the New World game is out. It has started showing in Steam Game Library. It doesn’t show there, make sure to check properly as it must be hidden in the Library due to some technical issues. Regrettably, there are several players who are experiencing several issues. And of the recent errors is – ‘Refreshed credentials already expired’. But nothing to worry about as it happens sometimes in the Closed Beta version. If you are facing the same error, there is a simple trick to fix this. Let’s learn the solutions here in the following.

How to Fix New World Error ‘Refreshed credentials already expired’

If you are getting the error ‘Refreshed credentials already expired’, there is a simple fix you can try. 

1. Open up your Windows settings

2. Then Select Time & Language

3. Next, select Date & Time which you will see on the left side

4. Now, click on the ‘Sync now’ button in ‘Synchronize your clock’

Make sure to restart your computer once syncing is done. Also, ensure to check the time after restarting and it should be the changed time.

That’s it, this is the simple trick to fix New World Error ‘Refreshed credentials already expired’. This solution is tried by many users and it worked!

However, in case, it doesn’t solve this error, try the following solution.

Verify integrity of Game Files

1. Reboot your PC and start ‘Steam’

2. Go to the game’s library page, and select ‘Manage > Properties’

3. Next, select the ‘Local files’ tab and then click on the ‘Verify integrity of game files’ button

4. Thus, Steam will verify the game’s files

However, this entire process will take a few minutes but will fix New World Error ‘Refreshed credentials already expired’

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