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Fix Monster Hunter Rise Sound Glitch and Audio Bug

Fix Monster Hunter Rise Sound Glitch and Audio Bug

Capcom has finally released its 6th main instalment after Monster Hunter World on 26th March 2021. One of the main highlights of this game is its graphics and sounds. In this new game, there are many players are reporting that there is a sound glitch and an audio bug problem is appearing. And of course, it kills the mood of players when it creates issues like a sound glitch. Sometimes, it also creates some audio bugs so players cannot hear the Palico companions, Palamute, and protagonist. 

If you’re one of the players who is facing the same issue while playing Monster Hunter Rise, the following are some of the solutions to fix these issues.

How to Fix Monster Hunter Rise Sound Glitch and Audio Bug

Following are some of the best solutions to fix Audio Bug:

Solution#1 – By correcting settings of Sound Output Device”

1. Close MHR and then reboot the Nintendo Switch console.

2. Next, check the in-game audio levels. Go to the ‘Audio’ tab in the options menu.

3. Here, set all the audio sliders to 100.

4. Ensure to choose the correct “Sound Output Device” settings.

5. If play is docked, then switch to handheld mode.

Solution#2 – By setting a default Audio Device

Sometimes it is possible, that your Windows 10 version can change automatically your Default Audio Device without your knowledge. It indicates which equipment or part will play the audio.

Suppose, you have already set a default audio device to a speaker, home theatre, or TV, then the game audio will come out from that default device. Notably, you need to check whether or not the default audio device is connected properly with your PC system. To check:

1. Right-click on the ‘Sound icon’ on the taskbar.

2. Click on ‘Sounds’ and then turn on the toggle ‘PlayBack’.

3. Then select your ‘Output Device’ and then right-click on ‘Set as Default Device’.

After performing the above-mentioned instructions, if the issue still persists, you need to check your system’s hardware for better support. Sometimes, the audio ports can be dirty or unusable which also creates audio issues.  

If nothing happens, then do wait on Capcom to release a patch may be the best course of action. Hopefully, we don’t need to wait long to get a free MH Rise audio update is available for Nintendo Switch as well as Switch Lite to download.

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