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Fix Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Keeps Crashing on Nintendo Switch

Fix Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Keeps Crashing on Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the biggest title in 2021 for Nintendo Switch and naturally a large number of players have humped to play the game. And while the vast majority don’t have a problem with the game, some players are reporting of seeing Switch error codes and the game crashes. Since the problem is for a select number of players, the possibility of a coding error with the game is minute. As such, there are certain things on the client-end that could be causing Monster Hunter Rise to crash on Nintendo Switch. Here is what you need to do.

Fix Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Keeps Crashing on Nintendo Switch

There are quite a number of reason why Monster Hunter Rise would crash on the Switch. The most important when there is a problem with the game, which can be confirmed if the entire community or a large majority of players are having the same problem. If not, then the issue is on your end and the causes can be software related due to running the device for a long time, a defective game card, or a corrupted game. Here are all the solutions you can try.

Restart the Device

The first solution and probably the one that would fix the Monster Hunter Rise crashing problem is a simple reboot of the device. If your device has been running for a long time it can become unstable leading games to crash. So reboot the device or perform a hard reboot by pressing and holding the power button for 12 seconds.

Clear Cache on your Device

Outdated or corrupted system cache can also be a major reason why games crashes. So, clear the cache on the Switch to fix MHR crashing issue. Follow this path to delete the cache – Home > System Settings > System > Formatting Options > Clear Cache > Select the user > Restart the Switch.

If performing the above two solutions does not resolve the issue, here are some other things you can try.

  • Remove and reinsert the game card
  • If you are getting an error message, search on Google for specific solutions for the error code.
  • Try using a different account to play the game
  • Check if the data is corrupted. Go to Home Menu > System Settings > Data Management > Manage Software > Monster Hunter Rise > Check for Corrupt Data. If the data is corrupt, reinstall the game.
  • Use the internal storage to install the game.
  • Finally, if nothing has worked factory resetting should resolve the issue.

Before you perform the factory reset, ensure that there is no problem with the game software and Monster Hunter Rise is crashing only for you or a small number of users.

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