Modern Warfare 2

Fix Modern Warfare 2 0x887A0006 Error

Fix Modern Warfare 2 0x887A0006 Error

Since CoD Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is available on all major gaming platforms, numerous players are rushing to enjoy it. However, from day one, this game has had countless bugs, errors, and issues such as crashing, crash at startup, won’t launch, and much more.

Adding to these unresolved issues, many players are now running into an error code 0x887A0006 and then the game crashes. Some players have already tried some generic workarounds to resolve the Modern Warfare 2 0x887A0006 error that includes restarting the game in safe mode, verifying the integrity of game files, and restarting and updating the game but nothing helped. Let’s learn in this guide if there are any ways to get rid of the 0x887A0006 error code in Modern Warfare 2.

Is There Any Solution Yet to Fix CoD Modern Warfare 2 0x887A0006 Error

The 0x887A0006 error code in Modern Warfare 2 is a pretty annoying error as when this occurs, the game becomes unplayable. Many players have no idea how to fix it and so in this guide, let’s understand if you can really fix the 0x887A0006 error in Modern Warfare 2.

At the time of writing this post, we have not come across any solid fix for the 0x887A0006 error. Hopefully, the developers will release a patch soon to fix this issue. Meanwhile, you can try the following methods as some players have suggested on the Steam community.

1. Try to switch from NVIDIA’s DLSS to AMD’s FSR settings. To do so:

– Go to in-game settings

– Then go to Graphics >> Quality >> Upscaling Sharpening

– Here you can switch from NVIDIA’s DLSS to AMD’s FSR settings

2. If that doesn’t make any difference, then try to update your GPU drivers to the latest version.

3. Also, try to run the game as an Administrator

However, if nothing helps, we recommend reporting this bug to the customer support team and they will assist you further to resolve the matter.

That’s all you can do to fix CoD Modern Warfare 2 0x887A0006 error.

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