Fix Genshin Impact Error Code 9107, 9906, 9908, and 9910

Genshin Impact was one of the most successful titles of last year. It came out of nowhere and took the entire gaming community by storm. The gameplay and mechanics of Genshin Impact was comparable to several AAA titles. Another similarity it had with big multiplayer titles is the error codes. There are a number of error codes in the game and they still occur from time to time, especially after new updates are pushed. Stick with us and we will help you resolve the Genshin Impact error code 9107, 9906, and 9910.

While there are fixes you can apply for some error codes, others are simply a process and you need to be aware of them. So, let’s get to it.

Fix Genshin Impact Error Code 9107 and 9908

The Genshin Impact Error Code 9107 and 9908 are error codes that you don’t need to worry about. They occur when a new update for the game is available and the servers are down due to that. There are a number of other error codes that occur due to the same reason. If you see any of the error codes while a new update is about to roll, the reason is the server might be down for the update and nothing else.

There is nothing you need to do or fix that you need to apply. Once the servers are ready to push the update, the error code will disappear and you will be able to continue with the game. The complete error message that accompanies the error code reads, “Failed to download resource files or network error. Please try again. Code:-9107.” The same error message appears for error 9908.

A good place to check if the servers are down or there is anything wrong is to check the Twitter handle of Genshin Impact. They are good at communicating any ongoing issues and you should find the problem if the issue is in fact with the servers.

If there is no update that’s causing the error, then, there may be a problem that you need to address. If you are in North America, try using a VPN to update and play the game. We cannot confirm this, but there were reports that some ISP banned Genshin Impact and that could be the cause of the error.

The Genshin Impact error code 9107 and 9908 occur when there is a problem with the server. If not, you need to verify your internet connection and possible network troubleshooting.

Fix Genshin Impact Error Code 9910 and 9906

The Genshin Impact error code 9910 and 9906 don’t usually occur when there is a server problem, but can affect specific regions when the ISP is having difficulty connecting to the game servers, which may appear as the servers are down, but in fact it’s a problem with the client’s home network or the ISP. But, as there is little information about the error codes in the miHoYo website, it’s impossible to pin point the exact issue that causes a particular error. The error message says it’s a network error.  

Use a DNS Revolver or VPN

If the problem is with the ISP, using any of the two technology should help you bypass the error and play the game. If you want to go with the DNS revolver Cloudflare provides a reliable solutions. As for VPN, we suggest that you try ExpressVPN.

If you have a mobile network that uses a different ISP, you can give it a try, but, there is a possibility that the mobile internet ISP may also have blocked Genshin Impact.

Provide Admin Permission

If the game does not have administrator permission that can also be the reason you are seeing the error code. So, provide admin permission to the game to resolve the Genshin Impact Error Code 9910 and 9906.

Go to Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\GenshinImpact.exe. Right-click on the game’s executable and select Properties > go to the Compatibility tab > check Run this program as an administrator > click Apply and OK.

Hopefully, that’s enough to resolve the error, but if that fails, there are a few other solutions you can try.

Reboot the Network Hardware and the System

If there is a glitch at your end that causing problem connecting to the game servers, a simple reboot of the network hardware and the system should fix the problem. Power down the modem or router, remove the power cords, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds and restart the router. Also, perform the same process for the computer. Now, try to play the game, check if the error occurs.

Change the In-Game Servers and Spam the Retry Button

The game provides you the option to choose between four serves – America, Europe, Asia, and TW, HK, MO. Choose any other server than your current server and try to play the game. You can again change back if the error does not occur.

Often times, the error is just due to a glitch with the servers and can go away in a few hours. Players have also reported that spamming the Retry button also seems to fix the issue. So, you can try that as well.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope that the Genshin Impact Error Code 9107, 9906, 9908, and 9910 are fixed using the above solutions. If you have a better recommendation, line them up in the comments. We will update the post when we know more about the error codes. As of now, not many players are seeing any of the above error codes.

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