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Fix Failed To Establish P2P Connection with Server Error in Project Zomboid

Fix Failed To Establish P2P Connection with Server Error in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid takes players through an open-world zombie apocalypse where they will have to survive as long as possible in the zombie-infested world. Project Zomboid recently got an update called Update 41 which gave players new game modes, visuals, and audio. They recently introduced the multiplayer mode in the game. But with all this going on, there are still plenty of bugs that needed to be sorted out. Players have gotten a recurring bug that kicked them out from getting a proper P2P connection, and fans are scrambling to find the solution. In this guide, we will see how to fix the Server Error Failed to Establish P2P Connection in Project Zomboid.

How to Fix Failed To Establish P2P Connection with Server Error in Project Zomboid

The error has been reported by players after the recent update to the game. There is no official fix for it yet, but many players of the game have pointed out that it could be a possible error in the server’s connection. Here are some tips you can use to fix the error in Project Zomboid.

  • Instead of launching the game through the Steam Engine, instead, go to the game’s dedicated folder in the local system and click on the StartServer32 or the StartServer64 bat files to launch the game.
  • Open the Steam UDP port 8766 manually on your router. The port could be blocked due to traffic. Open it up from the Firewall if that is the case. If it still doesn’t work, then the problem could come from Nitrado’s end.
  • If nothing above works, it would be better if you could self-host your server through a third-party company like Digital Ocean. You can always ask Nitrado for a refund later.
  • Some players have reported that closing and opening the game a couple of times helps solve the issue.
  • If all else fails and the issue is so persistent that it hampers your gameplay, then as a last resort you can uninstall and reinstall the game, as well as reboot your system.
  • As a final effort, you can delete both the save/config and server files of the game from its local folder, but be warned, doing this might erase your game information and you might have to start over.

These are all the unofficial tips that are available for Project Zomboid to help you with the error code Failed to Establish P2P Connection with Server. Stay tuned for future updates on the game.

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