Fix F1 2020 Black Screen or Gameplay Screen Not Displayed

Fix F1 2020 Black Screen or Gameplay Screen Not Displayed

You are most likely to see the F1 2020 black screen or gameplay screen not displayed after updating the graphics card drivers to the latest version. The black screen appears in the game and the menu background. None of the troubleshooting will help the issue, but there is a simple and sure hot fix for the problem as discussed in the Codemasters forum. In this post, we will share the fix as well as additional fix that can address other causes of the black screen in F1 2020.

F1 2020 Black Screen or Gameplay Screen Not Displayed

The first fix you must try is changing the anti-aliasing settings. For this you have to go to the Video settings of the game and set Anti-Aliasing as TAA and Fidelity Sharpening.

For other type of Black Screen problem with F1 2020 where the scene is completely black and no elements are visible, jumping out of the game and back in fixes the problem. You could also restart the system and try again. When you see the black screen press the Alt and Tab keys, this will take you out of the game. Press the Alt and Tab keys again to get back into the game. This simple trick may fix your black screen problem. However, if this does not work, you can try the next fix.

Black screen in game occur due to  some temporary glitch with the graphics card software, switch to Windowed mode and then back again to fullscreen can fix the problem. When you see the black screen, simply press the Alt and Enter key together and you will launch into Windowed mode. Press the same keys again and you will return to full-screen. This will fix the black screen problem with F1 2020.

That’s all we have in this guide. Comment if your problem is not fixed and we will provide additional fixes based on your circumstances. Check out our other guides on F1 2020 particularly to improve F1 2020 performance.     

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