Escape from Tarkov

Fix Escape from Tarkov Crashing, Stuttering, and FPS Drop

Fix Escape from Tarkov Crashing, Stuttering, and FPS Drop

Escape from Tarkov is a great game, but certain problems like crashing, stuttering and FPS drop can ruin the experience. The are several reasons that can lead to launching and performance problems in the game, which make troubleshooting and fixing them all the more difficult. Fortunate, we have all that you need to do to fix the Escape from Tarkov crashing, stuttering, and FPS drop problems. Keep scrolling to know more.

Fix Escape from Tarkov Crashing, Stuttering, and FPS Drop

If you are experiencing all the above problem with the game, the cause behind them can be the same. Follow the solutions in the guide and you should be able to resolve performance problems with Escape from Tarkov and boost FPS.

Reduce the Graphics Settings

This goes without saying, if you are playing the game on really high settings that the graphics card or the processor is failing to render it can lead to launch and performance issues. To start off with the troubleshooting, tune down the settings to the lowest and increase one setting at a time to root out the problem or continue to play the game in lower settings.

Update the Graphics Card Driver and the OS

NVidia regularly releases new updates for its graphics card, the same goes for AMD. Ensure that you have updated the graphics card driver. An outdated graphics card can lead to the Escape from Tarkov stuttering. You should also have the latest Windows update.

If the game was working fine and you performed an update after which the Escape from Tarkov crashing started, you should consider rolling back the update.

Terminate Unnecessary Applications and Perform Clean Boot

With so many games, third-party software that forcefully inject themselves between operations cause crash in the game. Hence, the first thing we must do to resolve the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla crashing on startup or failed to launch error is suspend all unnecessary programs and then launch the game. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig, hit Enter
  2. Go to the Services tab
  3. Check Hide all Microsoft services
  4. Now, click Disable all
  5. Go to the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager
  6. Disable one task at a time and restart the system.

Try launching the game, check if the error still occurs.

Disable MSI Afterburner or Remove Overclock

Software such as MSI Afterburner and others that can overclock the GPU can cause issues with games such as crashing, stuttering and FPS drop. Ensure that all such software are disabled and if you have overclocked the GPU, revert back.

Finally, if none of the above solution have been effective in resolving the Escape from Tarkov Crashing, Stuttering, and FPS Drop, the problem could be your internet connection. If the game is stuttering and lagging, it could be because of a slow connection. So, ensure that the connection is ideal for playing the game.

That’s all we have in thig guide, if you have a better solution you can share them in the comments.

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