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Fix Epic Games Store, Rocket League, and Fortnite ‘Invalid Client’ Error

Fix Epic Games Store, Rocket League, and Fortnite 'Invalid Client' Error

Problems with launchers and games are common and happen with the best of launchers like Steam, but the current situation with Epic Games Store is impacting more than one game and a range of Epic Games Store services. Rocket League and Fortnite ‘Invalid Client’ error is one of the most reported, but virtually all game on the platform is going through issues. If you have encountered the invalid client error with Epic Games Store, here is all that you need to know, and can you fix it?

How to Fix Epic Games Store, Rocket League, and Fortnite ‘Invalid Client’ Error

When met with an error such as the Fortnite ‘Invalid Client’ Error or the Rocket League invalid Client error, the first response of the user is to fix the problem but is this issue repairable on your end. Let’s find out.

The best thing about the whole situation is the Epic is aware of the issue and immediately Tweeted as the problem started. So, we know a fix is coming in the new few hours. Here is what the Tweet read, “We are investigating issues where logging into Epic Games accounts fails with the ‘Invalid Client’ error and preventing from logging in to the game. We will update you when this issue is resolved.”

If you visit Downdetector, there are spikes in the last hour that indicates a problem with all game on the Epic Games Store.

While the permanent fix for the issue can only come from Epic Games, there are certain things you can try to patch the issue or get temporary relief from.

Reboot the Epic Games Store after regular intervals. This won’t resolve the issue from your end but would ensure when Epic fixes the issue, it quickly transfers to the client on your computer. Unfortunately, this is the only thing you can do at the time.  

The problem is entirely on the end of Epic and you should wait a few hours. We expect the issue to be fixed before the end of the day as it’s a major concern for the company impacting some of its most profitable ventures.

If your friends have been disappearing from the field list, that’s another known issue that Epic is working on, so take a back seat and wait for the Epic services to come back online.   

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