Fix Death Stranding Error Initializing Rendering Configuration

Fix Death Stranding Error Initializing Rendering Configuration

Death Stranding is an incredible game that seems vividly relevant to the current global pandemic. As the game releases for PC after a long wait, some users are encountering a range of fatal errors. One error that’s plaguing the community is the Death Stranding “Error Initializing Rendering Configuration, Check Video Card and Drivers.” If you have encounter this error, the first place to look is if your system meets the minimum PC requirements. The next step is to update the graphics card driver. Nvidia users can fix the issue after downloading the latest Game Ready Driver with support for Death Stranding.

The game also requires DirectX 12, the advanced and improved version of which is released with the Windows May 2020 update or the 2004 update. The update is rolling out and if you have not get if for your system, install the Windows Update first.

These fixes would resolve the Death Stranding Initializing Rendering Configuration error on PC. But, first thigs first, here are the minimum and recommended PC configuration to play the game.

Death Stranding PC requirments

How To Fix Death Stranding Error Initializing Rendering Configuration On Pc

The first step towards the fix is ensuring your graphics card meets the minimum graphics card specifications. You need to have a minimum of 3GB on your graphics card to play the game. If you do not meet this requirement, you will either encounter the Error Initializing Rendering Configuration or Death Stranding crashing and stuttering problem.

The next step in the fix is to install the latest Game Ready Drivers. This driver brings day-one support for games like Death Stranding, F1 2020, and Horizon Zero Dawn. To install the driver, you can simply open the GeForce Experience and seek the update or you can download from the link DEATH STRANDING and Horizon Zero Dawn Game Ready Driver.

If the issue is still not fixed, the new windows Update is available for users who check for updates. So, if you haven’t checked for update in a while, the new update may not be available for you. Visit the update center on Windows and seek the update 2004. Press Windows Key + I and select Update & Security. Click on Check for updates. When you see the update Download and Install. The new OS brings DirectX 12 Ultimate, which is a much improved version of DX12. Earlier version were known to cause errors with games. The current version is more stable and you should have it. This may fix your Death Stranding Error Initializing Rendering Configuration.

If all the above steps have failed to resolve the error, you may want to perform some basic troubleshooting such as providing the game admin access, verifying the game files on Steam or Epic Store, and terminating unnecessary programs from running in the background.

We hope your error in Death Stranding is resolved by the above fixes, we will update the post as we know more about the error.

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