Fix Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Warzone Dev Error 6070

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Error message “DirectX Encountered An Unrecoverable Error”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 6070

If this is the first time you have encountered a deviation error, you should take some respite in the fact that it’s a widespread problem with Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. The COD Modern Warfare and Warzone dev error 6070 is one among a long-list of dev errors. Luckily, there are several proven fixes for the problem. Here are some of the fixes we recommend to solve this error.

Fix 1: Uninstall Nvidia Drivers and Reinstall

As with most dev errors, the driver software is among the culprits. Uninstalling the driver completely and reinstalling it has proven to fix the error. You can uninstall the program from Program and Features. Once the uninstall is complete, restart the computer, visit the graphics card manufacturers website and download a fresh copy of the software, install and play the game. Additionally, for Nvidia users, you can try installing the Studio drivers instead of the Game Ready Drivers. It’s known to resolve the error. You can download the Studio drivers from the GeForce Experience.  

Fix 2: Disable Nvidia Highlights

After you have installed the software and the game is still not working, try disabling Nvidia Highlights. Here are the steps to disable or turn off Nvidia Highlights.

  1. Open GeForce Experience
  2. Go to the Setting (click on the gear icon on the top right)
  3. Scroll-down to locate Highlights and toggle it off.

Fix 3: Force the Game to Start with DirectX 11

As the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone dev error 6070 mostly occurs on Windows 10 and Xbox One, both using the new DirectX 12, which itself has been known to be broken. Hence, switching back to DirectX 11 to play the game has worked for a lot of users. DirectX 11 is more stable version, but you will have to sacrifice some features which DirectX 12 brings; however, not extreme. So, let’s force the game to run in DirectX 11 mode. Here are the steps.

  1. Open Battle.Net Client on the PC.
  2. Open the game COD Modern Warfare
  3. Go to Options
  4. Check Additional Command Line Arguments and type -d3d11
  5. Exit and try playing the game.

Fix 4: Revert Overclock

If you have overclocked the GPU, revert back as it might be making the game unstable and leading to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Warzone Dev Error 6070. A lot of players were able to resolve the error by reverting back the overclock.  

Fix 5: Tune-down the Game Settings

A number of players on Reddit and other platform reported they were able to resolve the dev error 6070 after rejecting the parameters. Limiting the FPS to 60 instead of 70 can also be solution to this problem. So, until there is a fixed released by Activation, you can do the following to play the game.

  1. Limit the FPS to 60
  2. Rotate the texture from the top to bottom

Fix 6: Run Warzone on Fullscreen Borderless

As we browsed through forums investigating the dev error 6070, we found a number of users who resolved the error by setting the game to Fullscreen Borderless. There is no technical explanation to this fix, for some reason these settings have proven to skip past the 6070 error.

You can set this setting only via the game, so follow the below process to replicate the fix when you encounter the error. However, this fix only works when you try to join the multiplayer lobby and not for the error that arise during startup. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the game and once you are at the main menu, click on Settings > Graphics tab
  2. Click on the Display Mode and change from Windowed to Fullscreen Borderless.
  3. Scroll-down and locate Sync Every Frame (V-Sync), enable it.
  4. From Advanced menu set the V-Sync frequency to 60 Hz.
  5. Save the changes and play the game check if the error still occurs. If it does, try our next fix.

Fix 7: Remove Second Monitor

If you have a second monitor installed, remove it and the error will disappear. As with other dev errors, the second screen could be causing the problem.

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