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Fix Battlefield 2042 Error Code 3:9001 after New Update

Fix Battlefield 2042 Error Code 39001 After New Update

Battlefield 2042 has finally received the patch a lot of players have been waiting for. The patch brings a lot of new things from the renewed scoreboard, improved performance, matchmaking changes, and XP in Portal. While all of the things are appreciated, the game has brought a new error that may be due to no fault of the devs. If you have run into the Battlefield 2042 error code 3:9001, there is a simple solution that you can try. Keep reading to know more.

Battlefield 2042 Error Code 3:9001 Fix

While the error has become more common after the update, this isn’t exactly a new error. We have seen this error before at the time of the beta. The cause of the Battlefield 2042 Error Code 3:9001 is outdated drivers. As the latest patch is designed to run on the latest driver software of the GPU, players who have outdated drivers may get this error.

A lot of players were caught with this error as they never updated the driver. But, that’s not all that can lead to the error.

The current situation with specifically Steam users not being unable to launch the game may be due to the Steam client failing to update the game. As the client version did not match the server, users got the error code 3:9001. This can happen from time to time with the Steam client. You just need to put the option where the Steam client auto-downloads the update when you launch the game. Here is what you need to do.

Go to Steam Library > Battlefield 2042 > Properties > Updates > Under Automatic Updates select either the option “Always keep this game updated” or” Only update this game when I launch it.”

Most users failed to see the update to manually initiate it as they launch the game from the executable shortcut on the desktop.

So this is how you can fix the Battlefield 2042 Error Code 3:9001. If the game is crashing for you, check out the linked guide.         

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