Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

Many Amazon Prime users are facing Error Code 9345. Such error can be frustrating while enjoying a movie or show on Amazon Prime. This error is one of the most common issues which is related to its payment method with your Prime account. Its failed operation is causing the error. If the error code 9345 is interrupting your fun, following are some of the best solutions to fix this error:

How to fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

There are certain solutions to get rid of this error. Go through them and fix the error.

Check payment method

Your credit card details which you have linked with your Amazon Prime account are one of the reasons for this error. To fix this technical issue, follow these instructions:

1. First of all, visit the Amazon website by using this address.

2. Now, you will be asked to enter your login details and once you logged in, go to the Payment portal and make sure to check that your card is still active which you have linked with your Prime account.

3. In case, your card is expired, then you should enter new card details or just change the payment method.

If this solution doesn’t work, go with the next instructions:

Check your internet connection

We know, it sounds crazy, but a weak internet connection also creates such glitches and bugs on Amazon Prime that may ultimately lead to this Amazon Prime Error Code 9345.

To check out and solve this error, examine your internet connection. To check whether or not, the network is working properly, you can also try using your Mobile hotspot.

If you’ve found any issues with your router, then reboot it and re-connect. This will help you to fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345.

Reinstalling of Amazon Prime App

Once you’ve confirmed that the payment details are correct and your internet connection is also working fine, and still the issue persists, one of the next best solutions to get rid of Amazon Prime Error Code 9345 is to reinstall Amazon Prime App. 

To do this: 

1. Go to Settings 

2. Click on Apps and Features.

3. Then go to Amazon Prime App and click on uninstall.

4. Now, visit the Play Store, search for Amazon Prime, and install it again. 

Isn’t that simple! Try this method to fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

That’s all! As you have noted, all the above-mentioned solutions are quite easy to fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345. Which method worked for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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