Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Mamutito Mythical Boar Location

Far Cry 6 Mamutito Mythical Boar Location

Far Cry is one of the most popular series of video games. Far Cry 6 is the sixth installment of the series. It is released on 7th October 2021. The story of the game is set on a fictional Caribbean Island named Yara. The role of the players here is to break to rule and free the island from the dictatorship of Anton Castillo.

Mythical creatures are the most dangerous kind of animals you have to encounter in Far Cry 6. It is harder to defeat them, but they drop some valuable items and unlocks excellent rewards. Mamutito is one of those terrible mythical animals you need to face in Far Cry 6. In this article, we’ll discuss the locations of Mamutito in far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Mamutito Mythical Boar Location

Mamutito is a kind of wild Boar you’ll encounter on the northern side of Isla Santuario. Once you enter their glen there, you’ll be attacked by a whole group of wild hogs. Prepare for a hard fight because the hogs are very aggressive, and it is not easy to defeat them. Before attacking Mamutito, try to beat the hogs first. You’ll find Mamutito in its cave, which is in the center of the glen. It is better to kill it from a distance where it can’t reach you; otherwise, the fight will not be easy.

Once you kill it, you’ll get the Mamutito’s Tusks. You can exchange it for a Primal Mask at the Hunter’s Lodge. It’ll give you the ability to sense the other animals nearby.

Therefore, if you need to find out Mamutito, go through the above guide to get its location and the way to defeat this powerful Mythical Boar.

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