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Best Shotguns in Modern Warfare 2 – Tier List

Best Shotguns in Modern Warfare 2 - Tier List

In Call of Duty games, shotguns have always been deadly. It lets you kill enemies in one perfect shot. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has the strongest form of shotgun out of the entire franchise. Using the right shotgun is vital to be competitive in the game. If you prefer getting in people’s faces and taking them down before they even react, it’s the perfect time to pull a shotgun. But you may wonder which shotgun will be good for you. We will provide the answer with the best shotgun tier list here.

The Best Shotguns in Modern Warfare 2

The shotguns in Modern Warfare 2 are less intense than the previous Modern Warfare counterparts. Usually, these guns are less reliable and have less range. But if you use them properly, you will get the best output. However, you can’t expect the crazy 30-meter one-shot kills possible in Modern Warfare with Lockwood 725. Shotguns are best for close combat, especially when in a building when someone can jump you.

Lockwood 300

Lockwood 300 is a powerful double-barreled shotgun in Modern Warfare 2. This gun can kill in one shot from 15 to 20 meters range. It kills two shots from 25 to 30 meters range. However, this shotgun has slow handling and inaccurate hip fire. But if you use it properly, the gun will give you the best output. Players can improve this gun by adding the right attachments. These attachments make the gun a perfect powerhouse on the battlefield. The only problem with this shotgun is that it only holds two bullets. But with high stats, these two bullets will be enough.

Bryson 800

Bryson 800 is quite similar to the Expedite 12. But it is the improved version of Expedite 12. For this shotgun, you will get numerous attachments. The attachments will make it perfect to increase the stats initially on the lower end. It is a pump action shotgun with an 8 round magazine. However, players can improve the range by adding the proper attachments that ensure its improvement. Bryson 800 is perfect for clearing rooms. However, this shotgun is slow to reload, and the firing rate is average.

Bryson 890

This particular shotgun is excellent for its detachable magazine. It ensures faster reloads. However, Bruson 890 is weaker in stopping power and overall reliability. Due to the inaccuracy and hefty kickback, the fitting rate of this shotgun is low. It causes trouble when you need to land the perfect hit. Still, this shotgun is capable of taking your enemies down. But if you want a match with continued close-range kills, you should go for a shotgun higher on this.

Expedite 12

It is a solid shotgun in Modern Warfare 2. Even this particular gun is players’ favorite from the Call of Duty Beta. Due to the excellent formation, players love this shotgun. This gun offers a decent fire rate, impressive handling stats, and a large magazine capacity. And these three qualities are perfect for clearing a room. Expedite 12 only works a few meters away as a typical shotgun. This gun suffers when it comes to taking down opponents at a further range. The recoil is pretty low. As a primary weapon, it is not very suitable. But it will work well as a secondary weapon.

So, there are a few shotguns available in MW2 right now. Still, with these four shotguns, you can give an intense fight on the battlefield.

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