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Best Loot Locations for Beginners Warzone 2 DMZ

One of the biggest problems in Warzone 2 DMZ is where to loot. Even though the map is extensive, people still need to find more space to feel comfortable. And if you are a beginner, finding perfect loot locations is one of the most complicated quests in the entire game.

Read this guide, and you will find out about the best loot locations for beginners in Warzone 2 DMZ. Here you will discover the specific location and valuable tips allowing you to survive longer. So, let’s get started!

How to Loot if You Are a Beginner

First, you should keep in mind that a few failures should not lead you astray. Once you are at the beginning, it is ok to fail, even if you fail a lot. Continue reading the guide; you will discover the best tips to loot more effectively.

Turn on Volume

While looting, you should make sure you hear everything. Listen to enemies’ steps, gunfire, and everything that might signal you they are nearby. Also, listen to helicopter sounds. Once you hear it, keep in mind that somebody is extracting near you.

Avoid the Centre

The main problem of most beginners is that they try to play actively. Honestly, it is a fatal mistake. If you lack experience, moving as slowly as the game zone is the best option. It allows you to survive longer and get a better results.

Beginners Loot Locations Warzone 2 DMZ


Even though it might sound strange, the train is the best loot location for beginners. As soon as you spawned, you should look at the map and find the closest railway. After that, head here and wait until the train approaches. Get on the train and run through it, looting as much as possible. You can be sure that it is the easiest way to get fully equipped in 5 minutes.

Ammo Base

Ammo Base is the second place you should visit once you are dropped off from the train. Fortunately, all these bases are located far from the center of the map. So, you can quickly finish your setup here and, after that, slowly move to the center.

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