Best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Thanks to a significant map update that added new locations with a Japanese-inspired aesthetic to the Fortnite universe, players searching for optimal landing places in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two have a wide range of choices. Many well-known locations are still present, but the southeast corner of the Fortnite island now reflects the “Mega” season’s motif. Players have a ton of new locations to discover, from the neon-lit streets of MEGA City to the traditional zen parks and cherry blossom trees of Steamy Springs. So, which of these locations do you land in? Do you just land in any? Or is there a specific one where you should land, regarding your playstyle and how you plan on starting out in the match?

Best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

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Many of Fortnite Chapter Four Season One’s finest landing sites, including Slappy Shores and Frenzy Fields, are still excellent places for players to commence their matches because the most recent map update hasn’t affected some parts of the Fortnite island. The new sites this season, however, have a lot to offer competitors. The Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two map update has introduced a number of fantastic locations that make for fantastic landing spots, regardless of whether players prefer to land in hot zones for hectic early game gun battles, at places off the main path for a calmer start, or something in between.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 adds MEGA City, Eren Jaeger & new Reality  Augments | Shacknews
MEGA City, which is situated in the centre of the Fortnite island’s southwest, is a crowded, Japanese-inspired metropolitan area ruled by neon-lit towers and enormous holograms. In Fortnite, players can rapidly transition between the various structures by sliding while using grind rails. 

Here, players can find almost anything they might require, from high-quality beginning equipment to vehicles, including recently introduced futuristic automobiles and motorbikes, as well as practical consumables. Players can spend a lot of time investigating MEGA City’s side streets, stores, and eateries because it is a sizable point of Interest. 

Players should be mindful that many other players are considering landing at MEGA City even though doing so could possibly place them in a great position for the remainder of the game. Players must engage in combat, seize weapons, and obtain fresh Fortnite augmentations in order to live. With grind tracks, zip lines, and a congested urban environment that players can use to outwit and outsmart their opponents, traversal is a crucial survival skill in MEGA City.

Kenjutsu Crossing

Fortnite: Best Landing Spots in Chapter 4 Season 2 -
For players seeking to master the new weaponry for this season, Kenjutsu Crossing may be the best option. In close-quarters melee fighting last season, mastering Fortnite’s Shockwave Hammer offered players a leg up that was difficult to overcome. 

Players can purchase the Kinetic Blade this season, a cutting-edge sword with a deadly knockback and dash strike. In Kenjutsu Crossing, there is a sizable castle complex with lesser structures that frequently have chests and a multi-level center keep that is crammed with equipment and treasure.

The palace is a very well-liked landing place because there are numerous locations throughout it and its surroundings where players can claim a Kinetic Blade. To discover a small room with two treasure boxes and a stand holding a Kinetic Blade, players should descend at the top of the castle keep, which is a fantastic plan. Players will quickly discover it’s more than just one of Fortnite’s flimsy tricks.

Steamy Springs

Compared to MEGA City and Kenjutsu Crossing, Steamy Springs is more understated, but it can be just as tumultuous. When players arrive here, they will discover a small dojo complex with structures that hold high-quality beginning kit, framed by zen gardens and cherry blossom trees. It’s a fantastic starting point for gamers who like a challenge, and a lot of players will often come here to attempt their luck because of the high-quality equipment and large open areas.

Here, lone players should strike an equilibrium between battling and looting. In contrast to MEGA City, there isn’t nearly as much loot available here, so pairs, trios, and squads will need to be especially adept to live. Despite this, players will discover that their beautiful natural settings provide access to natural resources, such as Fortnite’s untamed Sky Jellies, that aren’t available on city streets.

Shattered Slabs

Shattered Slabs hasn’t altered much since Fortnite Chapter Four Season One, though it has gotten a little calmer and easier to navigate as more players have arrived at new spots. When arriving here, players will discover a marble slab quarry full of excellent gear and helpful items, such as Slap Juice and Slurp Barrels, which can be shattered to give the player a healing increase.

While there won’t always be complete peace and quiet, there will be more loot to go around and plenty of weapons to use to take out any intruders as fewer people come. Once they’ve acquired some starter items, players can leave Shattered Slabs fast by using blocks of Fortnite’s Kinetic Ore.

Lonely Labs

On an isolated iceberg at the northern tip of Fortnite island, Lonely Labs is a tiny enclave. Last season, it was a fantastic launching place for players who wanted a bit of a calmer start, and this still remains true in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two. Even though it’s still not quite as lonely as its moniker might imply, many players are currently focused on MEGA City and the new Points of Interest for this season.

Players have a wide range of options when it comes to landing locations, from grinding tracks on the future streets of MEGA City to engaging in dueling at Kenjutsu Crossing. The pursuit of those prized Victory Royales can take precedence over players’ obligations to complete their tasks. Before a Fortnite fight even starts, choosing a landing place can make or break it, but any of these spots should help players in their quest to collect Battle Stars and unlock battle pass rewards.

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